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How to Get the Most out of Your Recruiting Efforts


Summary: These articles focus on how recruiters can employ proven strategies to place strong candidates with lucrative businesses, even as the recruiter is faced with adversity.

How to Get the Most out of Your Recruiting Efforts

As recruiting becomes increasingly competitive, recruiters and hiring managers need to implement strategies and techniques to help them attract top candidates for high-level businesses and law firm jobs. The following six articles analyze the approaches recruiters can take to improve their placement efforts.
12 Simple Actions that could Dramatically Improve Your Recruiting Results

From attracting and assessing talent to engaging and selling talent, this article examines 12 very easy steps recruiters and hiring managers can take to improve their results.
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Business and Law Firm Recruitment Strategies

Businesses and law firms of all sizes can benefit from recruiting efforts that are tailored to their size and structure. Managers and recruiters should first know the steps to take to recruit candidates from both in-house and external sources.
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What is the Future of Recruitment Agencies?

With the advent of social media sources such as Face Book and LinkedIn, in-house recruiters and hiring managers can now directly contact potential candidates without the assistance of recruitment agencies, thus saving recruiting costs that would otherwise be incurred.
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Best Motivation for a Top HR Pro > A Young, Ambitious Employee

This article cites how ambitious and hungry Millennials today can be the best type of candidates to motivate a recruiter to place them into a job within a good company or law firm.
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How to Attract More Legal Clients for Your Small Law Firm to Thrive in a Recession

Depending upon who you speak with, America may be headed toward another recession. This article examines how lawyers can recruit new clients even in light of a recession, to help his/her law firm survive.
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Lawyers on the Rise: Three Ways to Recruit Resilience

Resiliency is a sorely needed characteristic for today’s lawyers. Today’s lawyers need toughness and the ability to bounce back from negativity to continue with their work and keep up their billing hours. This article highlights how recruiters can place and potentially hire resilient lawyers.
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