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When Recruiters Make Mistakes


Summary: These articles focus on recruiters and what can occur when they place the wrong candidate in an open position, as well as how they can adapt to the changing landscape of business and legal hiring.

When Recruiters Make Mistakes

Recruiting is a complex business. On one hand, recruiters need to know the personalities of their clients, which in most cases are large businesses or law firms while on the other hand, recruiters have to know a candidate’s personality in order to ensure a good fit. Sometimes, though, the good fit doesn’t happen, and with that, a recruiter’s reputation – not to mention job – may be on the line.
Should We Fire Recruiters for the Wrong KPIs?

Organizations monitor the success or development of its employees through parameters called key performance indicators (KPI). But what should happen to recruiters who hire workers who have poor or the wrong KPIs?
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What Recruiters Get Wrong When It Comes to Interviews

This article highlights how recruiters interview candidates, and the way that interview process can be improved to include the whole candidate, not just part of the candidate.
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What Unsuccessful Recruiters Are Doing Wrong

Most recruiters are concerned with cost, time and quality, which are the three aspects of talent acquisition. Yet, as these recruiters attempt to optimize these aspects, they find it is impossible because recruiters tend to use outdated talent processes.
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The Cost of Bad Hiring Decisions Runs High

Hiring the wrong employee can cost a company hundreds of thousand, even millions of dollars, as well damage a company’s morale and productivity. Find out in this article the five tips you as a recruiter should know to hire the right candidate.
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5 Things Legal Recruiters Can Do to Make their Work Great Again

Some legal recruiters have it tough; they get random solicitations, and in other cases, when trying to net good attorney-candidates, find that those candidates aren’t interested in their services. This article offers 5 actions legal recruiters can employ to get themselves strong candidates to present to their legal clients.
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Pardon the Disruption: Rethinking the Law Firm Recruitment Model

This article explains how hiring managers at law firms need to rethink how they recruit associates as well as the type of associate they tend to hire, especially as firms that are larger and more prestigious, sweep up the top candidates from the top law schools.
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