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The Biggest Challenges facing HR Departments Today


Summary: These six articles highlight the highlight the emerging role of human resources within business today.

The Biggest Challenges facing HR Departments Today

HR isn’t easy. You don’t just sit and smile at fellow employees and/or new recruits. The HR game seems to change on a near constant basis, making hiring and recruiting one of the most complex and involved positions in businesses and law firms alike.
Biggest Challenges Facing HR Departments

Companies and law firms are continually reexamining the role of HR departments in today’s workplace. Some companies have even outsourced their HR departments to focus more assets and time on strategic issues.
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The 3 New Roles of the Human Resources Professional

While those in business tend to believe HR is the last bastion of company bureaucracy, 3 critical roles have arisen that have transformed HR departments from what they once were to what they are today.
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How Recruiters Can Fix Intake Meetings

As a recruiter, it is very important to have a comprehensive relationship with the hiring manager of the company you are recruiting for. In other words, both you and they have to be on the same page, otherwise you stand the chance of putting a company at risk with wasted time and money.
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7 Sure Signs that your Workplace is Toxic

It is inherently important for HR professionals to have their finger on their company’s pulse to understand how well (or not) management and non-management are functioning together. Learn to read “the signs” of your company to make certain all is running smoothly.
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Top HR Issues in Law Firms

Because law firms are structured differently from businesses, HR managers working inside law firms need more than their expertise in their profession. They may require exposure to the legal services environment to understand the firm’s nature, and the potential issues that firm could face.
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HR Trends in Law Firms

As human resources departments become integral within a law firm’s day-to-day business, new trends and responsibilities are beginning to change how HR departments recruit, track applicants and onboard new employees within law firms.
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