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How Technology Affects Recruiting and the Workplace


Summary: These six articles highlight the effects technology has on recruiting as well as inside the businesses and law firms.

How Technology Affects Recruiting and the Workplace.

To some, technology is the Pandora’s Box which should have never been opened. Others, however, have experienced enormous leaps and bounds in efficiency and accuracy because of technology. In most workplaces, better communication and less time spent on menial tasks have been the benefit of technology. This allows a worker, business owner or lawyer to devote more one-on-one time with clients. Yet even with that, there still are detractors of technology who believe the industry-wide advancement technology provides is adversely affecting their business.
How Technology Killed Recruiting

Some recruiters and hiring managers, who remember recruiting before the advent of computers and the internet, feel technology has made recruiting a thing of the past. Now, instead of communicating with a recruiter about a job opening, job seekers are filling out applications and other forms online, which in many cases can entirely bypass the recruiting process.

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How Recruiters Can Cope with Technology

Many recruiters admit that even with emails, video conferencing and tracking systems, recruiting is still not up to the speed it needs to be in order to attract job seekers. However, one technology LinkedIn uses has made inroads into recruiting by reaching out to passive candidates according to this article that highlights the future of recruiting and hiring technology.

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The Importance of Technology in the Workplace

Improvement in workplace communication, putting value in employees, better efficiency and higher mobility, are all due to technology entering the workplace. In short, your business can expand quickly and exponentially when you utilize technology in your work environment.

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Think Older Workers Struggle with Technology? Think Again

While some recruiters and hiring managers may believe older job seekers might struggle with today’s technology that belief is far from reality. In fact, older workers adapt just as well, if not better than Millennials to the technology found in a modern workplace.

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How Technology is changing the Practice of Law

Lawyers and law firms are notoriously slow when it comes to adapting new technology. This is because lawyers are risk adverse. They like to stick with what they know works. The problem is a lawyer’s aversion to technology can cause tension between themselves and their clients’ own penchant for tech as well as their changing expectations and demands of the legal service.

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What is the Future of Law as it converges with Technology?

While some lawyers balk at technology, equating it to being replaced by a robot, the true fact is technology, which is already in place at many law firms, can benefit lawyers by freeing them from menial and repetitive tasks.

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