published December 19, 2016

By Amanda Griffin

LawCrossing’s Top 20 Law Firm Management Articles of 2016

Read the top 20 legal employer articles on 2016 on LawCrossing.

2016 has been full of changes for law firms trying to keep up with the demands of attorneys and clients. The 20 most popular articles of the year for law firms examine ways of improving their use of technology for the benefit of marketing and clients.
  1. Law Firms under Pressure to Change

The times are changing, so law firms need to change with it. If they don’t improve their technology to stay with the new advancements then they will get left behind by those that do. This article talks about how law firms are feeling the squeeze to change.
  1. Why Law Firms Are Permanently Changing Their Structures

The traditional law firm model is being molded with mergers and new hires. Large law firms are merging with other large ones to make mega firms. The ability to share resources and knowledge is a big advantage for firms looking to cut costs.
  1. 7 Challenges Facing Law Firms in 2016

Law firms had a lot of challenges staring them down this year. With advancements in technology this year and changing politics and laws, the challenges are constantly changing. The legal industry is still recovering from the recession, so the public in general is still critical of the costs of law firms.
  1. Hiring on Responses to the Most Common Interview Questions

Law firms have to decipher through the hundreds of applicants to find one that is a good fit for their firm. Harrison Barnes explains in this article how to ask the right questions and understand the answers you are  given.
  1. 10 Ways Law Firm Managing Partners Can Increase Profitability

Any way a law firm can make some extra money will be beneficial. The types of changes range from changing governance structure to reducing waste. Law firms will benefit from taking a look at this article and finding some ways that will work for them to start cutting costs.
  1. 6 Magic Words Are All You Need to Terminate an Employee

Being required to fire an employee is never a comfortable or pleasurable experience. This article explains how best to address the issue of terminating an employee legally and as smoothly as possible.
  1. 8 Tips for Perfect Attorney Headshots

Headshots are the first impression an attorney gives to potential clients. To ensure a positive first impression use this article. Here are 8 tips to make sure you are marketing yourself with your attorney headshots in an effective and professional manner.
  1. The 10 Best Law Firm Marketing Tricks

Many law firms are still using dated marketing strategies to attract clients that are leaving them in the dust of law firms using new marketing methods. This article provides 10 tips for law firms to use to update their marketing methods.
  1. The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook

Employees need a resource to turn to for questions on company policies and procedures. Providing a handbook will enable your employees to check things for themselves before causing a problem or coming to you with constant questions.
  1. What Causes Associates to Leave Law Firms?

The cost of hiring and training new employees is expensive. Keeping associates, which are essentially the workforce of a law firm, with the firm is a firm’s biggest struggle. This article explores why associates leave their jobs for other law firms and how law firms can attempt to change this trend.
  1. Top 3 Mistakes Law Firms Make during Client Follow-up

There are three big mistakes that law firms make when dealing with their clients. Learn how to work with clients and make sure they are satisfied with your law firm by reading this article.
  1. 10 Ways to Future Proof Your Law Firm Today

Law firms are constantly fighting to keep up with changes in the industry. Protect your law firm so that it will make it to the future by utilizing these ten tips.
  1. 5 Ways to Boost Your Firm’s Business

Building up as much business as possible is the only way a law firm will be able to grow as well as make it through tough times like the past recession. Traditional business practices are no longer the go-to way of generating business. Use this article to help you come up with other ways of getting business for your firm.
  1. Want Your Law Firm Website to Be Effective? Make Sure It Has These 7 Things

The internet is the way of the world now. A business without a website, and a good website at that, will certainly lose business. This article provides 7 things that your law firm website must have in order for it to be effective at attracting clients.
  1. 8 Marketing Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making

Often we make mistakes that we are completely unaware of. Law firms are not exempt from this. They most likely are making mistakes in how they market. Don’t let your law firm be one of the ones making these same mistakes.
  1. 5 Big Trends All Law Firm HR Departments Should Look At

With law firms being required to change in order to keep up with changes in the industry, their human resources departments are also going along for the ride. HR departments are often the ones leading the changes in law firms by introducing the innovations that will mold them into new, more technologically advanced law firms.
  1. Two Overlooked Essentials in Law Firm Marketing

There are two main things that law firms are forgetting when they turn to marketing strategies for their firms. In order to keep up with demand, law firms must actively maintain and update their website to get clients. Word of mouth and personal meetings are important, but a website will produce more leads. There is one more overlooked marketing essential that is discussed in this article.
  1. 6 Things Attorneys Want in a Law Firm

Law firms are looking for specific qualities in attorneys they hire. Attorneys are looking for specific qualities in the law firms they choose to work for. Check to see if your firm lines up with these 6 categories. If your firm does not, you will find you will struggle attracting the best attorneys.
  1. Here’s What You Should Do to Strengthen Your Associate Loyalty

Associates want to not only feel that they are appreciated, but be shown it. Keeping your associates happy will keep them with your firm, thus keeping the overall cost down of constantly hiring and training new associates.
  1. Eight Ways Law Firms Usually Stifle Creativity: How to Encourage Innovation in a Law Firm

There are models of law firm leadership that promote innovation and creativity. Understand the eight ways that traditional leadership models prevent creativity from flourishing in law firms, which lead to reduced long-term innovation and success.


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