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5 Ways to Manage Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation


Summary: The Internet is a whole new world for some law firms, so make sure you are taking care of your firm’s future by keeping tabs on its online reputation.

Learn how to manage your law firm’s reputation in this article.

Chances are by now you have gotten bored enough to Google yourself, but have you done that for your law firm too? Did you just stick to the first page of results or did you take the time to scroll through a few pages of results? You need to know what is floating around on the Internet about your law firm if you want to be successful. If you don’t know what is being said about your firm then you have no way of knowing how to address any issues. There are five things you can do to ensure your law firm’s reputation is a good one online.
  1. Know what your firm’s current reputation is so that you can fix it. Searching on Google and in Google images will help you see if there are things linked to your name that either shouldn’t be or need to be taken care of.
  2. Set up a Google alert on your law firm’s name to see when new content linked to you is added. You can make it so you get daily notifications emailed to you that you can quickly skim to make sure these are correct uses of your name and that they contain appropriate material.
  3. Buy your domain name in many variations so that people searching for your law firm won’t be confused by someone else that has a similar name or is trying to throw people off on purpose.
  4. Claim as many social media profiles for your law firm as you can. Social media is the new way of advertising and reaching potential clients, so be thorough in having profiles on each platform. Link your websites to your social media profiles for an even stronger online presence.
  5. Set up a brand-based Google Adwords campaign and even include a warning about other fake law firms with your name. If a bogus firm is trying to capitalize too closely on your firm you can seek help from Google’s Adwords Trademark Policy. Bing Ads is another one to utilize.


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