published June 13, 2016

By Amanda Griffin

Top 3 Mistakes Law Firms Make during Client Follow-up

Don’t make these common mistakes many law firms make during client follow-up.

A law firm may be receiving a lot of business, but that doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t keeping the business. Law firms make many mistakes when it comes following up with leads and keeping clients coming back. Here are the three common mistakes that you should learn not to make at your law firm.
  1. Taking too long to follow up
Timing is crucial to keeping clients interested in your service. Many solo and small firms fall short in this area, because they don’t have the manpower to follow-up within five minutes after someone calls or emails with an inquiry. The best thing you can do in this circumstance is setup an automated system. Use emails to send a response email that does things like encourage them to set an appointment, offer a free consultation, provide further information about the firm, and more.
  1. Not understanding the project
Prospective clients come to attorneys to resolve a problem. They may call their problem a “challenge,” “issue”, or “goal”, but in the end the clients want it taken care of. When a client comes to your law firm to fix their problem, they expect a law firm to already know what they are doing and how to tackle the problem. Value for the price you charge means nothing if you cannot meet expectations.
  1. Not demonstrating empathy
Clients are hurting, and they want an attorney and law firm that understands their struggle. Showing some compassion will go a long way with a client. Make sure to show compassion first instead of immediately asking questions about their problem.
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