published July 19, 2012

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

Top Five Tips for Successful Job Postings

Here are five top tips to increase the visibility of your job postings and attracting the most suitable job seekers for your open positions:

  1. Use precise job labels: You need to understand that the more definite the job name is, the higher is the probability of your receiving more relevant resumes. Hence, in your job postings, use job titles that are often used in your industry. Stay away from using fancy titles that sound good but are relatively less known and maybe even ambiguous. Titles such as “great communicator” or “appealing actor” should not be used unless you really want such people in your company.

  2. Enlist essential skills and qualifications: Job seekers frequently read through job postings very quickly and move from one posting to another in a flash. Hence, it is important that you specify all the required skills, experience, and other qualifications that you are seeking in the potential candidates in an easy-to-read manner; the use of bulleted lists often helps to achieve this.

  3. Use appropriate keywords: In today's world of online search where people prefer to use a keyword-based search to narrow down the list of job postings to browse to, it will serve you well to use relevant, precise, and popular keywords to increase the visibility of your job posting.

  4. Specify salary details: By including the salary information, you will attract an increased number of job seekers to your posting. Also, providing details of the benefits package on offer, such as the 401(k) plan, bonuses, and employee stock options, will help some potential candidates to set the right expectations before applying for the job. If you are reluctant to specify the pay package, at least mention “pay as per industry standard” or “pay commensurate upon experience and qualification.”

  5. Introduce the company culture: Job seekers today are not just looking for a job that pays well but they are looking for a work culture that they can relate to and they would be comfortable with. Therefore, briefly describe your company's work culture and its focus on employee growth in your job posting.
Finally, run a spell and grammar check on the final copy of your job posting before you publish it online. The last thing that you want on your job posting is silly grammatical mistakes that give the job seekers a mistaken impression that quality is not a top concern at your company.

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