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Five Most Commonly Made Job Posting Mistakes


In today’s competitive labor markets, it is obvious that the jobseekers are trying their best to attract the employers’ attention; however, the reverse is also true, where the employers are also focusing on the drafting the most effective job postings in an attempt to grab the right candidates.

The increasing array of online job boards and other online recruitment tools such as social networks provide the jobseeker with numerous options for a job. This process accidentally leads to the jobseekers' missing certain relevant job postings.

Hence, it is important to have very attractive job posting and to avoid making mistakes while drafting them.

Here are some tips for avoiding some of the most commonly made job posting mistakes:
  1. Stay Away from Keyword Mania: Yes, keywords are needed to ensure that your posting shows up on a relevant search, but you need to also ensure that while populating the posting with keywords you do not sacrifice the message itself. Just as you do not consider a resume that has multiple keywords to be an effective resume, applicants also do not consider applying for a job in response to a posting that has a lot of keywords.

  2. Use Conventional Job Titles: I agree that strange job titles have come into fashion but they usually do not help a potential candidate figure out whether the job is relevant to him at the first glance and you got to agree that not many of us like to read long job descriptions to figure out that the job is not what we were looking for. Hence, use job titles that most people would understand and that would attract the right crowd of job seekers to your posting.

  3. Include Salary Details and Benefits Package: Most of us work to pay our bills, and hence, remuneration is one of the first things that we consider while deciding on a job. Therefore, it is a good idea to put in the salary range in the job posting. Further, healthcare plans and 401(k)s are almost taken for granted and are provided by most employers today. Hence, specifying some of the other perks of the job will help you tell the potential candidates that your company is employee friendly and a wonderful place to work.

  4. Keep It Short and Simple: Nobody, yes nobody, likes to or has the time to read through a long job posting; so, it make sense to keep the posting as brief as possible without sacrificing the important details. Further, while concentrating on the length of the posting, do not forget to include contact information and the details of any of the required clearances.

  5. Specify Reasonable Application Deadlines: Lastly, it is recommended to keep the job posting available for some weeks in order to attract a fair pool of applications.
Many job boards offer the choice of placing a job listing in several categories; this allows you to post the open position under various industries and thus expand your visibility. Finally, be very sure to re-check the drafted job description carefully prior to publishing it so as to safeguard your brand.