published July 17, 2012

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

The Temporary Staffing Strategy - Survival Instinct for Hiring

Temporary staffing solutions for employers

With the declining recession, the temporary staffing industry is expected to do well. Some experts are not sure if the end of recession propels the growth. Employers know the advantages of temporary staffing. They understand what works and what doesn't, and what provides better flexibility for them.

Some of the biggest reasons why companies turn to staffing companies for temp staffing are due to many reasons:

Foresighted companies are quickly realizing the benefits of temporary staffing, which can get them good returns and yield money. According to the report extracted from the American Management Association survey, about 84% of respondents stated that they had payroll reductions because of contract staffing while about 79% of them realized health cost reductions.

Temporary staffing is not a new idea. About 90% of the legal companies are reported to utilize contract staffing and temporary staffing is usually done for vacations.

Why is temporary staffing so important in the legal industry?

The contingent work force consists of individuals who usually have specialized job experience of nearly ten years. Most attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries come under this bracket. That is why career contractors are expected to be busy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projections state that temporary staffing is expected to increase by 53% in all industries and the legal industry is expected to feature similar growth.

With a diminishing pool of attorneys in various US states, employers have to devise new ways to incorporate temporary staffing in their HR strategy. Here is how one can effectively use temp staffing in their hiring plans:

High turnover positions: Hiring positions with turnover rates of more than a stipulated time translates into lost expenditure. Outsourcing the positions with these turnover rates has been lucrative for many companies for a long time.

New business: Instead of ignoring new avenues for business, hiring specialized contractors for some projects is helpful and gives your law firm the required flexibility for expansion without taking risk.

Streamlined internal processes: One should consider hiring temporary clerical staff for different office tasks. This allows the key lawyers and paralegals to do something more productive and cost-efficient.

Individuals should also review the current practices, which are usually performed in the hiring sector for the legal world. By keeping updated with the latest trends in temp hiring strategies, one can analyze whether the temporary workforce can save you money and help you in your firm expansion plans.

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