published July 17, 2012

By Harrison Barnes, CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left

Effective Hiring Strategies — Making the Best Use of Job Postings

Job postings and effective hiring strategiesThe Importance of an Effective Hiring Strategy

Law firms require qualified legal candidates; thus the firms should intermittently rethink their hiring strategy if they are not getting the desired results. It is important that the firms attract talented candidates for available job positions. This would be impossible if the hiring strategy is not in place and the job postings are poorly conceived and executed.

There are many niche job boards for lawyers that can provide targeted candidates, but even then it is difficult to crack the code. Well-crafted job postings are required to draw in the best crowd from these job boards. Here is how one can attract top legal talent:

  1. The importance of brand image: Brand image is the most important element which is required to attract the best talent. The company's reputation will automatically attract the top legal talent because many of the job seekers want to work with companies with the strongest brand image. It is important for legal firms to brand the firm as an excellent working place for all types of candidates. One needs to build their brand by stating that the benefits being offered are pleasant working conditions, superior experience, adequate training, and flexibility in work hours. In addition, a firm should offer future growth and overall management support for their employees.
  2. Think about creative and effective job descriptions: Job descriptions have a major impact on the kind of candidates who will apply. This means that job postings need to be well thought out so that they create the right image in the minds of prospective hires. Job descriptions make a huge difference in finding and hiring the best candidates. Additionally, the description should keep the less qualified candidates at bay. Ideally, the descriptions need to be precise and concise in stating the job requirements and qualifications. They should act as an effective guide to draw the right candidate in.
  3. Engage the candidates with interesting job postings:Boring job postings will not easily appeal to lawyers. They will most likely be rejected at first glance! Job postings need to be highly engaging and interactive. Candidates may be given some tasks in a job post, which can help arouse curiosity. For example, a candidate might be asked to provide a written response or video response on why and how the candidate is the best fit for the advertised position.
  4. Get the ad noticed by your targeted audience: It is important to make sure that the job advertisement is noticed on the job board which lists a number of budding lawyers. Ensure that the content of the job post is appealing and includes relevant keywords so that it appears in search results too. For instance, patent attorneys, lawyers, summer associates, and legal assistants with a literature degree are good keywords which can get you the right publicity.
It is evident that the reason why many organizations fail to get the best talent is because their job postings are boring and uninteresting. Branding is essential for attracting quality candidates. Using the above tips will help hiring managers to avoid potential pitfalls and get the best results out of job postings. Additionally, make sure they are properly publicized. Even the best ads do not produce the desired results if they are not publicized properly.

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