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"Looking back, it's amazing how hiring LawCrossing for assistance in my job search seems like such a no-brainer. I was assigned Megan Brotherson as my job search concierge, and she took up the mission of finding me a full-time job with unexpected gusto. Every day she bombarded me with enticing legal opportunities that were both in my city and in my legal field, the kinds of opportunities that made gasp and got me wondering how I missed them during my months of searching for a job on my own. It was as if Megan and LawCrossing had access to a secret database of openings that mere mortals like myself had no access to. With Megan, I had a partner in the job search and a sudden, new range of interview opportunities. Just over a week after Megan stepped in, I started getting my first interviews. And a few weeks after that I landed a dream job at a high-powered law firm in the heart of the city. That wouldn't have happened without Megan and LawCrossing. If you've been looking for a law job on your own and your search has hit some roadblocks and uncovered only unsatisfying opportunities, you should consider LawCrossing's Concierge program too. Hopefully it will be as rapidly successful for you as it was for me.

Last Friday I accepted a job offer from one of the 108 potential employers that Brigette (my research assistant) located for me through your concierge service. LawCrossing, through Christy Moon, also helped me revise my resume and update my cover letter. I was very pleased with both Christy's and Brigette's work on my behalf. They helped me focus my job search and found suitable employers. I am terminating my subscription to LawCrossing because my mission has been accomplished. Thanks again for your five-star service.

Randall Grasso
Dallas, TX
I had spent months applying to jobs every day after long work shifts. I would be able to get out two, maybe three in the limited time I had. I saw an advertisement for and decided to give it a chance. After looking at their jobs database, which was much bigger than anything I had seen elsewhere, I enrolled in their concierge service. It was expensive, but I thought to myself, it would be worth the risk, considering the income potential I have at a new job. Within an hour of signing up, I was already in communication with my concierge. She helped me edit my resume, and after many questions regarding what I was looking for, she immediately got started. She sent out resumes, cover letters, and anything else the company needed. More than once, she took the time to fill out tedious forms that came along with the application process. She did this every day. These were all things that ate up my valuable evening time that I needed to spend with my family. After only a week, I began to receive calls for interviews. By week three, I had landed a job at a firm that I had previously written off as an impossibility. I am already telling my fellow alumni about this program. I'll tell you what I'm telling them. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it. Two thumbs up!

C. Moore
New Braunfels, TX
I never thought that I would find myself without a job. I thought that was a crisis that happened to other families with problems that I did not have. That is, until it happened to me. I felt that I was a failure. The LawCrossing Concierge service and Christy Moon changed that for me. Not only was she able to quickly find me another job, but she immediately helped me feel optimistic. She could rapidly identify job opportunities that fit my skills and desires. I was amazed at how many applications Christy could submit for me each day. Having Christy and LawCrossing to help me through a truly scary time in my life made that time less scary (and even bright and hopeful) and much shorter. The financial consequences of my unemployment were dramatically minimized given how quickly Christy found a job for me and what a sizable salary I was able to obtain. I will always be grateful.

Sarah Mourer
Miami, FL