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LawCrossing's Top 10 Most Popular Articles For Job Seekers In 2021

published December 29, 2021

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Summary: Here is a list of the most-read legal articles of 2021 at LawCrossing for Job Seekers.
  1. 60 Non-Traditional Jobs You Can Do With A Law Degree (And Should Strongly Consider Doing)

Jobs for lawyers are expected to decline "slower than average" over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the plus side, law graduates are likely to start out at a higher salary than their peers. Nevertheless, with smaller overall growth in the legal field, those salaries will likely feel smaller as well. This article presents 60 non-traditional jobs that law graduates should explore so that they can put their expensive legal degrees to good use, instead of wearing suits all the time. It offers information on some excellent alternative careers for lawyers.

  1. The LSAT Is No Longer Required At These And Other Law Schools: Why Law Schools Are Ditching The LSAT

The LSAT is being dropped as law schools strive to become more diverse. There was a time when only those of privilege could attend law schools. In recent years, diversity has played a large role in admissions to law school for many people who would not ordinarily be in law school. The article discusses how law schools are now replacing the LSAT with the GRE, thereby increasing diversity among law schools.
  1. Alan Dershowitz Is The Best Known Criminal Lawyer In The World

Alan Dershowitz is known as the world's best criminal lawyer. In this article, we explore his life and successful career. Among his many accomplishments are being an attorney, political commentator, and jurist. He has been practicing law for the past 50 years and has handled a number of high-profile legal cases. 
  1. What Does It Mean When A Lawyer Says “Permission To Treat The Witness As Hostile?”

We asked lawyers across the United States what it means when they say, "Permission to treat the witness as hostile?". In this article, several attorneys explain what that means. What they said may be of interest to you. We hope you enjoy their responses.
  1. The 3 Pros And 3 Cons Of Transactional Law

Are you sure you want a litigator's life or workstyle? Maybe you should consider practicing transitional law. Every prospective attorney has to decide what their area of practice will be at some point in their law school career. The terms litigation and transactional may be tossed around in any law school, but some students may struggle to understand the difference between the two. Keep reading this article to learn about transactional law, how it compares to litigation, and the three pros and cons of transactional law.
  1. The Importance Of Police Reports And Why And When They Can Be Sloppy

In addition to being given nearly free rein to carry out their duties as they see fit, police officers are expected to document their activities and their responses to a public service call continuously. In this article, we examine the importance of a police report, the types of police reports, and the consequences of not properly reporting a police report.

  1. Part 2: Erin Brockovich Losing Ed Masry

Erin Brockovich discusses losing Ed Masry in this article. Edward Louis Masry born on July 29, 1932, was an American lawyer, as well as the mayor and city councilman of Thousand Oaks, California. Among the big differences between Masry and his partner Vititoe and the majority of lawyers is that they "saw outside the box". Brockovich mentions Masry fondly and how she felt a wide range of emotions, including fear, at his passing.
  1. How To Answer The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question As A Law Student Or Attorney

"So, tell me about yourself."
From informal chats to formal legal job interviews, this is the phrase youwill hear most often during your job search. Be prepared to hear it all the time when networking. This article provides step-by-step advice on how to craft your own personalized response. If you take the time to learn the key elements of introducing yourself to a legal recruiter, youwill be able to impress anyone you meet in a professional setting, from a networking event to an internship coordinator to a legal hiring manager at the law firm of your dreams.
  1. After Graduating From Law School, How Long Does Someone Need To Practice Before Becoming A Partner?
Attorneys across the country were asked one question. After graduating from law school, how long does a person need to practice before becoming a partner? We received several opinions that will give law students an idea of how long it will take before becoming a partner with a firm. According to some attorneys, it depends on the size of the firm and the work ethic and qualities the individual brings. According to one attorney, becoming a partner is more difficult today than it used to be. What are your thoughts? Continue reading to learn more.
  1. Being A Lawyer Is Considered The Worst Job Ever: Even US News Ranks Being A Massage Therapist A Better Job

Few professions outshine the practice of law, including, yes, being a massage therapist. Massaging bodies and massaging the law donot in any way compare. And yet, being a massage therapist ranks higher as a profession than a lawyer. Even so, the practice of law still holds its allure, and this article answers the question of why. 

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