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The Airplane Test For Attorneys: What is it & How to Pass it

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Every firm has a different term for the "Could I Get Along with This Person?" test. Some call it the "plane" test. Legal interviewers ask themselves, "How would I feel sitting on an airplane or being delayed for hours in an airport with this person? Would it be okay? Better than okay? Or insufferable?"

Take, for example, Ralph. On paper Ralph is the perfect attorney candidate: an Ivy Leaguer who worked as a contracting and special project attorney. Ralph has been invited to interview with five of the most prestigious law firms. His resume screams, "Pick me!" However, in interview after interview, Ralph doesn't make the initial cut. Why? It's not because he isn't prepared; in fact, Ralph knows a lot about the business and has educated answers to every question. However, he never took seriously the fact that he has to pass the plane test.

Perhaps he has offered a damp, limp handshake and failed to look the legal recruiter in the eyes upon entering the interview room. He sits before the recruiter has taken her seat and slouches, refuses to make consistent eye contact, and yawns frequently. His suit is not pressed and his shoes are scuffed. He is robotic about discussing his resume. When the legal recruiter asks how law school peers would describe him, he says "as a smart leader," without a trace of humility or any details to back up his comment. He doesn't have questions and leaves without an appropriately cordial parting or a thank you to the interviewer.

Some of these mistakes may seem obvious. But otherwise good candidates make these and others every year. They behave boorishly, look disheveled, and appear unprepared. They mistakenly believe that the strength of their resumes will carry them through and haven't taken the time to consider seriously how their appearance and actions may weigh against them.

If you have doubts about how to act in an interview, don't hesitate to do some research on the topic, or even speak with a career coach or counselor. Good coaches and counselors can provide a ready list of dos and don'ts.

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