Are Lawyers More Inclined to Be Narcissists?

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Summary: Are lawyers more inclined to be narcissists? Read this article to find out.
Are Lawyers More Inclined to be Narcissists
  • Successful lawyers are generally known for their confidence and ambitious nature.
  • Narcissists are also known to be extremely confident and therefore successful in business most of the time.
  • There are overlapping characteristics between narcissists and lawyers, but what exactly does that mean for lawyers?
Most of you are probably familiar with the age-old tale of Narcissus. Narcissus is a character in Greek mythology that could not love anyone else because in seeing his own reflection in a pool of water ends up falling in love with himself. Unable to focus on anything else but his reflection, he avoids disturbing his image in the slightest, refuses to drink the water from the lake and eventually dies of thirst.
Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps it reminds you of that ONE friend, or of your ex? All jokes aside, narcissism is a common phenomenon especially in the millennial culture of “selfies” and instant validation and gratification. However, it is clear from its roots in Greek mythology that narcissism knows no age. But does it correlate at all with one’s chosen profession? And with lawyers specifically?
All lawyers possess particular characteristics that enable them to be successful in their careers. Is “narcissism” one of those?

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