5 Ways to Be the Manager People Want to Work For

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Summary: Follow these tips to becoming a more effective manager of your workers.
Learn how to be the manager people want to take direction from.

Some people possess the natural quality to manage, while others have to work a little bit harder. Being a good manager isn’t just about keeping everyone organized and on top of their tasks. You want to help people grow as employees and people, as well as make them feel heard, useful and important. When you’re the type of manager that people actually want to work for, they tend to work harder and smarter because they respect you and they feel like you respect them.

Whether you have a lot of experience managing people or you’re new to the game, there are always things that you can improve upon to be a better manager. Here are a few tips on how to be a better manager-- from those with one assistant to oversee or an entire company to watch over.
  1. Step back from micromanaging. There are very few, if not any people in this world who appreciate being micromanaged. Not only is it frustrating to have your every move checked out by your manager, but it feels like no one has confidence in you to get the job done.

    When you manage people, make sure to clarify exactly what their tasks are and that they can come to you for help when needed, but then let them complete their tasks independently. If you need to set up check-in’s, then do so but be sure they know about them ahead of time. Giving your employees and coworkers space allows them to grow in their own abilities and in their confidence in themselves. 
  2. Tailor your style to each person. Everyone in the office works and communicates a little bit differently, but it can be easy to assume that everyone does things the way that you do. Do you have someone who works better early in the morning or late at night? Unless they have to be there for something, let them work when they do their best. Do you have an employee who really needs face-to-face conversations instead of email? Seek them out for a quick chat. When you make adjustments to your teammates skills and styles of working, you not only make them feel understood, but you also allow them to do their best work. 
  3. Be honest and open. The people you manage are just that: people. They know when you’re holding things back or putting up a front. If you have feedback for someone, tell them in the moment rather than waiting for a quarterly review or check-in meeting. This allows them to adjust and move forward and also keeps them from wondering what you’re thinking and how they’re doing. People can grow much more quickly if you’re working with them as they go, rather than critiquing their work months later. 
  4. Don’t overturn the office. If you’re coming into a new management role, whether from within the company or from the outside, don’t change everything right away. Sure, you may have ideas about how you like to run an office but people don’t react well to abrupt change, especially in a place that they spend 8+ hours a day. Learn the environment, get to know your team, and then slowly make changes. 
  5. Celebrate wins. While we’re always happy when a big project is over and went well, it can be easy to turn and focus on the next thing we need to do. It’s incredibly important to stop and celebrate your employee’s successes and recognize the good work that they’ve done. Whether it’s something big or small, acknowledging a job well done makes your employees feel seen and appreciated. Once you celebrate their hard work once, it will make them want to repeat the event and therefore work harder and smarter in the future.

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