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MBA vs. J.D.: Why Attorneys Are Better Corporate Leaders

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Tanu Chaturvedi
Summary: Learn why attorneys make better leaders than MBAs in this article.

The corporate culture in modern times incentivizes tension between attorneys and MBAs. The inception of this discomfort in the corporate environment stems from the distinguished leadership style of both types of professionals.

Attorneys in leadership roles in corporate offices have a professional reputation of being objectively honest, aggressive, strategically cautious, meticulous, and most importantly far more ethical than their MBA counterparts. Law schools produce graduates that are trained to find practical and ethical solutions to difficult problems. Law graduates earn credit in law school on an individual merit-based system, and they are graded against their classmates in order to maintain a competitive environment.
Business schools produce graduates that are trained to make a profit. Business graduates earn credit in business school both on an individual merit and group-based system.
Both graduate programs produce aptitude based talent; however, there are several reasons why attorneys make better leaders in the corporate environment. Attorneys are trained to look at problems in an objective manner. They are professionally trained to distance themselves personally from any specific outcome, which may or may not involve making a profit, and they are more likely than most other professionals in the market today to understand the significance of conducting business ethically. MBAs are trained to understand cost and profit principles, which make them outstanding managers of money. However, running a business involves more than a cost and profit based analysis.
Most national companies have financial professionals that manage the financial aspects of the corporate office. Thus, the majority of the skill set of MBAs could essentially be compartmentalized in one department at a corporate office. However, the diverse skill set of attorneys cannot be compartmentalized into one department at any corporate office. Attorneys are outstanding writers, critical problem solvers with an analytical skill set, objective thinkers, and ethical leaders.
The overriding concern of leaders that have MBAs is to ensure that business transactions and business facilitations are completed. However, a more astute leader will always ensure that business is not transacted at any cost, especially not at a cost that is unethical in any sort of manner.
Ms. Tanu C. Esq. is a Seasoned Corporate Professional, Attorney, Published Writer, & Activist.
*Please note that this article does not serve as any form of legal advice, and all statements are not representative of any previous or current employer.

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