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Law Students and Suicide: An Ongoing Battle That Begins Long Before We Know It

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Summary: While some find a lawyer’s suicidal tendencies begin in law firms, others have found thoughts of suicide actually begin in law school.
Law Students and Suicide: An Ongoing Battle that Begins Long Before We Know It
  • Suicide in the legal profession has been a longstanding issue that has been largely ignored until now.
  • As research reveals suicidal tendencies in new attorneys have their roots in law schools, some schools have begun to change their curriculums as to how law school students are taught and more importantly regarded.
  • This new thought of law school instruction will undoubtedly transfer with recently graduated attorneys as they move on to legal career.
  • Of course that means law firms themselves will also have to change as to how they regard their incoming attorneys.
  • In short, no one wants to attend a law school known for its student suicide rate, much in the same way no one wants to join a firm famous for suicides among its new and existing lawyers.
No matter who you are, what socio-economic background you come from; no matter the perks your life has been blessed with along with the luck that fleets forth to inexplicably see you through difficult times, there still may come times when none of this goodness can be found. Worse yet, those occasions when times are tough for a new or established attorney can evolve from occasional pitfalls to concurrent situations in which an attorney can’t see the light at the tunnel’s end.

To say the least, this wears heavily on attorneys; especially those who successfully complete law school, and who intend to continue on to become great, well-known purveyors of the law.

The problem is something can and often times will stand in the way of this lawyerly goal. It’s something, in fact that stands in the way of many of us, where despite how well we live our lives, perform our work and positively spend our time away from work, depression can invariably creep into our existence, which can then degenerate and intensify to the point of suicide.

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