Healthy Snacks Perfect For Traveling

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Even if you only travel every once in a while, you’ve probably noticed that trying to buy snacks at the airport results in your wallet being emptied quickly. If you’re on a road trip, you’ve likely found that the snack and food options are far from healthy and incredibly limited if you have any kind of food allergy or intolerance.
Want to know the tricks of eating healthy while traveling?

Planning ahead for travel by purchasing and packing your own snacks can make your trip less stressful, less expensive and keep you sticking to your meal plan much more easily. Grab a gallon-sized baggie to keep all of your snacks in, then within that bag, section off your snacks in smaller baggies. By doing so, you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for rather than digging around in the bottom of your bag.

Here are XXX snack ideas for your next trip that are all airport friendly, will keep your stomach satisfied, and will keep you on track with your healthy food choices. If you’re driving, feel free to get even more creative with fresh produce and a cooler.
High Protein:
Meat sticks/jerky. While you might want to keep from eating any smell-heavy jerky on the plane, it’s a great snack to get in protein while you’re traveling.
Rx Bar. These bars are great because in addition to fruit and nuts, they include protein from egg whites and come in several great flavors.
Quest Bar. These are great bars if you’re looking for a high protein snack. Although they have a long list of ingredients, they are great if you’ve got a sweet tooth but need something filling, quick and easy.
Lenny & Larry’s Cookies. Another snack for the sweet-tooth, Lenny & Larry’s Cookies are filled with protein but make you feel like you’re eating dessert. They come in either two serving or one serving sizes, so make sure you check the label to see which you’ve picked up.
Hummus. Get hummus in a travel-sized portion and bring along some pretzels or veggies to dip for an all-natural and protein-packed snack.
Healthy Fats:
Lara Bar. Lara bars are made with simple, natural ingredients and pack a punch of carbs and healthy fats. They also come in many different flavors so try a few and find your favorites.
Nuts. Nuts are so simple and can be inexpensive if you buy them from a bulk bin. Pack them in a baggie and avoid spending twice as much at the airport.
Packets of nut butter. If you head to the peanut butter section of most grocery stores, you’ll see packets of peanut butter almond butter in single serving sizes. Squeeze these on an apple or crackers, or just eat it straight from the packet for a quick snack.
Kind Bars. Similarly to Lara Bars, Kind Bars come in a huge range of flavors, from fruity to chocolate or caramel. They’re a great replacement from buying frozen yogurt at the airport if you’ve got a sweet tooth.
Trail mix. Trail mix is the classic go-to for a healthy snack. If you tend to get out of control and overeat trail mix, put it in portion sized baggies to bring on your trip.
Packed Full of Nutrients:
Shake packets. There are many different brands of nutrient-dense shakes on the market. Try visiting a more natural grocery store or a supplement store and ask for recommendations. Once you find a shake you like, bring the packet along with a shaker bottle and make a quick snack on the go.
Tupperware salad. If you’re looking for veggies, bring your own salad! It takes up a little more space on your carry on if you’re flying, but well worth it if you want to keep healthy while traveling. Put your dressing in a mini solo cup container to keep your greens from getting soggy.
Packed lunch/dinner. These are great for road trips, but even on the airplane bring a sandwich or dinner leftovers that don’t need to be reheated. As long as it’s not soup, you won’t have a problem with security. Just make sure to bring a plastic fork!
Fruit squeezes. No, these aren’t just for kids! Fruit squeezes can be found in most grocery stores in many different flavors, some containing fruit and vegetable mixes.

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