Lawyers Having Sex in the Office: A Review

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Summary: How much do lawyers really have sex in the office? Find out why it happens more than you think in this article.
Lawyers Having Sex in the Office: A Review
  • Men of power surround us each day.
  • And in some cases, as can be seen in the news of late, some men feel that power entitles them to sexual relations with whomever they feel a fancy to.
  • That attitude has now entered the legal world, and it seems little else other than female rebellion similar to what’s rocked Hollywood and other industries are all that can stop this behavior.


Where does the desire to have sex come from within the legal world? And why on earth does the action of sex, having sex, performing sex acts or even the mere suggestion of the Horizontal Tango occur so often within law offices?

It’s anyone’s guess, really. Anthropological analysts and science subscribers may very well proclaim lawyers and sex may arrive from a base need to procreate and with that, supply our species of so-called human beings, whatever those are.

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