Lawyers Having Sex in the Office: A Review

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Summary: How much do lawyers really have sex in the office? Find out why it happens more than you think in this article.
Lawyers Having Sex in the Office: A Review
  • Men of power surround us each day.
  • And in some cases, as can be seen in the news of late, some men feel that power entitles them to sexual relations with whomever they feel a fancy to.
  • That attitude has now entered the legal world, and it seems little else other than female rebellion similar to what’s rocked Hollywood and other industries are all that can stop this behavior.


Where does the desire to have sex come from within the legal world? And why on earth does the action of sex, having sex, performing sex acts or even the mere suggestion of the Horizontal Tango occur so often within law offices?
It’s anyone’s guess, really. Anthropological analysts and science subscribers may very well proclaim lawyers and sex may arrive from a base need to procreate and with that, supply our species of so-called human beings, whatever those are.
But as has already been deciphered, it’s anyone’s guess.
Of course, that “anyone” needs some sort of demarcation to prove that lawyers and their pull-me-under proclivities are a bit more developed than just wanting a hoard of juniors and little misses running around; no, lawyers screw to screw, whether that be each other as well as law additional law firm staff, or their clients (literally).
Saving the human race is merely an afterthought, and a regrettable one at that, or so would say the senior partner who finds out the summer clerk he shagged is now pregnant, and worse yet, Catholic.
Nothing will be disposed of here.
Honestly, while science and social studies may have their reasons (or to some, excuses) for the lonely yet lascivious lawyer, those inside the legal circles more than likely have much better explanations of why so much sex occurs so often within legal corridors and conference rooms. Those explanations, when broken down into topics can be:
  • Loneliness
  • Long hours under duress, frustration and, pressure
  • Power
  • Accomplishment
  • Marking territory
  • That goddamned conference table looked too good to pass up
Sure, from one firm to the next, the reasoning behind this behavior can fluctuate. But honestly, it all comes down to the same basics of how attorneys are built and of course, what has built up inside them.
No, pretty picture it’s not, while at the same time, pretty disarming as this ongoing scenario is throughout prestigious, well-respected law firms as well as other firms that aren’t so well respected, this behavior continues unabated.
Which we all know. With that, enough foreplay: Let’s get down to the real business, shall we?

The Power and the Passion

If there ever was a celebrated philanderer – possibly the ultimate philanderer – it was John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.
Also known by his initials, JFK, Kennedy not only set the bar for “playing around,” he did so from what has historically been the most powerful position on earth, namely the POTUS.
So ironically, why wouldn’t Kennedy hold himself to the standard of ultimate stud, while at the same time, rain adulation onto himself from other influential and powerful men of his…um…ilk?
  • He’s the president of the United States
  • As popular as the pope
  • Good looking
  • Charming
  • Well married
  • Well mannered
  • Comes from wealth
  • A media darling
  • A babe magnet
In short, there’s no wonder certain dark enclaves of men hold JFK up to high esteem. Of course, and for what it’s worth, “then” was a much different time from “now.”
These days, the media operates with a no holds barred mindset, whereas in JFK’s day, the papers, radio and TV were protective of the president as opposed to adversarial.
As important as JFK’s assets of fame, looks, being the POTUS, etc. are the women who were the object of his interests. Those include:
  • Marilyn Monroe (actor)
  • Angie Dickinson (actor)
  • Judith Campbell Exner (mafia mole)
  • Blaze Starr (stripper)
  • Pamela Turnure (Jackie Kennedy’s press secretary)
And so with this, what man wouldn’t be enamored, even a bit jealous of JFK’s conquests, particularly while occupying the highest seat of importance in the world.
Kennedy’s is an image that is difficult to dismiss, particularly for men in power who believe that if the president of the United States can have multiple extramarital liaisons, whether or not those liaisons were consensual or forced, those men in power can have the same.
Of course, none of that matters though when faced with such a powerful man as Kennedy. Many historians have claimed during his White House tenure everything funneled down to things being his way or the highway.
Which meant to an ever growing contingent of engorged, yet powerful men that if such an attitude was good enough for JFK, it was good enough for them.
Simply put, for the powerful men, attorneys included, it was now their way or the highway.
Doing it where you can when you can.
It’s not uncommon for a lawyer’s office to be the scene of the crime of that lawyer’s infidelities. The office is convenient, relatively safe, private, but above all, powerful.
Just in the same way the Oval Office is the most influential workspace in the world only for the power that emanates from inside its walls, much can be the same concerning an attorney’s office.
For inside that same office are powers that can destroy lives, which often becomes the threatening calling card of an attorney who seeks to hold sway over a woman, be she a law firm worker, client or a complete stranger.
The lawyer’s office symbolizes power and intrigue. It’s as if black magic should occur. The legal books need to be enshrouded in dark, brooding smoke, and a male voice with the baritone of God shall bellow down to the woman to submit to this powerful man, because his life can invariably make her life an absolute hell.
In cases like this, the compliments are mutual: the office makes the man, while the man makes the office.
The dark atmosphere of the legal office beckons submission, and then afterward warns that silence is expected.
That is the power of an attorney within his (or her) domain, all of which can be meant to guide and help others, but as far as you are concerned, intimidate and surrender.
Aside from attorneys, what type of power are we discussing here?
Power is power to many of these men, and nothing more. Power is used to influence lives, otherwise, its force, sensation, even presence, is nil.
Without someone to flex it on, power is useless.
Of course, those in finance have their power, while those in law enforcement have their power. Medicine can be a powerful profession, as well as various types of big business within their various sectors.
And while sexual abuse plays a stronger role in some businesses more than others – at least that we know of – this does not mean sexual proclivities, wanted or not, do not occur in certain enterprises, and one day may be found out.
What this proliferation of unwanted aggression does mean is that if one were to dig deep enough in any business they are bound to find some type of harassment that thus far has flown under the radar.
Even while these businesses have not yet been exposed, at least to a large public forum, there still remains a growing list of industries in which their types of power (and powerful men) can have improper influence over their female counterparts.
The following is a list of industries that so far have been mentioned in regard to misappropriate sexual advances and/or acts:
  • Entertainment (television, cinema, stage, music)
  • Politics (from metro and county upward to state, national onward to the presidency)
  • Education (elementary through to college)
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Journalism
  • The food and restaurant industries
  • The hotel and resort services industries
  • Legal services
  • Automobile and transportation
As mentioned above, there are many other industries, American and foreign, which may sooner or later find them affiliated with some sort of harassment, they only have to be called out first.
It really is only a matter of time with the empowering climate of women today that industries with track records of sexual abuse will in time be uncovered.
What noncompliance (with the lawyer) can entail?
Victims of sexual abuse within law firms have to be very careful with whom they deal. While few to no practicing lawyers are billionaires, this doesn’t preclude that an attorney who is worth tens of millions of dollars while retaining a strong senior position in his (or her) law firm, can’t in some way damage their accuser.
This factor comes into play via the old adage of “What is an attorney?”
Of course, we all know what an attorney is, and by now should not just know, but understand what makes an attorney engage his or her power that is not to otherwise be challenged unless, of course, that accuser has adequately prepared; in cases where accusers have not prepared can inevitably mean that the attorney will more than likely destroy the accuser.
And why is that? Simple:
  • Attorneys don’t take well to challenges of guilt and implication, e.g. they will fight their accuser(s).
  • Attorneys are built for this sort of confrontation. And because it is them whose reputation is on the line, they will defend themselves much more vigorously.
  • On that same note, attorneys do not like to lose.
  • They don’t like to lose, especially when their reputation is in question, as well as their future as an attorney.
  • These attorneys are out to prove their point of defiance and utter defeat to others who may think of themselves as victims and want to legally challenge the attorney.
A powerful attorney – as well as an attorney who isn’t as powerful – still has the ability and resources to if not prove his innocence, certainly make deciders such as jurors doubt the attorney’s guilt.
In short, as defeated and outwardly guilty as an attorney can be regarding his sexual events, it is still never a good idea to challenge that attorney until a person is well prepared for their case.
In Conclusion: Recourse
At the end of the day, some words are better than no words. The same goes for those who have the courage to fight off a man’s lechery without affecting their own profession.
The problem is scenarios like this in which a woman can complain of a man’s unwanted advancements without fears for her job are far and few between. Women still face job loss or disciplinary actions should they come up against the same man that violated.
Yet, at the same time, additional women are coming out about the unwanted sexual advances they’ve been subjected to, and with that, more and more people are tuning in, listening to their stories, and in the end, demanding justice be brought to the men who are guilty of such violations.
So again, here are the industries of note in which sexual harassment is said to exist:
  • Entertainment (television, cinema, stage, music)
  • Politics (from metro and county upward to state, national onward to the presidency)
  • Education (elementary through to college)
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Journalism
  • The food and restaurant industries
  • The hotel and resort services industries
  • Legal services
  • Automobile and transportation

And the women who defy the good ole boys at the heart of these sexual harassment cases, particularly those that occur within a law firm, continue to grow stronger in number and commitment. Soon, there will be no defense against their offense, and the world will have one less socio-economic obstruction to hurtle as it moves forward.
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