Small Town Lawyer Gerry Spence Protects the Victims

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Summary: Lawyer Gerry Spence, of the Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming, tells readers the cold hard truth and does not try to sugar coat the facts when it comes to the power big government and businesses try to take.
Gerry Spence, Wyoming Lawyer

Gerry Spence was born in Wyoming and raised there. Small towns are where he lives and what he loves. He has been practicing law for nearly 55 years, representing and protecting victims from “The New Slave Master”, or big corporations and big government. Some of his more famous cases include the Karen Silkwood case, Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and Geoffrey Fieger. He never lost a criminal case or a civil case between 1969 and 2008.

He started the Trial Lawyers College to change the way lawyers are trained and pass on his knowledge to those who want to continue fighting for the people. He has done this by also writing a couple books, on top of his photography and poetry.

His posts may seem opinionated, but they bring up important points that deal with our culture and big government. One post discusses the importance that our forefathers placed on the First Amendment. Religion was and still is a big point of contention and discrimination between people. He relates religious freedom to Christmas and the holidays.

The Trial Lawyers College is located in Dubois, Wyoming. The college is dedicated to teaching people of any age, race, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or physical abilities except lawyers that work for government, large businesses, or corporations.

Source: https://gerryspence.wordpress.com/about/

Photo: gerryspence.wordpress.com

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