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10 Most Read LawCrossing Articles for Legal Job Seekers in 2017

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Summary: What issues concern you most with searching for a legal job in 2018?
Find out what the 10 most read Law Crossing articles for legal job seekers were for 2017.

Getting a job in legal law world is difficult but not impossible if a candidate has the correct information. This is why job seekers were drawn this year to stories about passing the bar exam to executing a tough law firm interview. But it wasn’t just work-related content that interested current and aspiring attorneys. Readers also wanted to find out how to balance work with a personal life.

The following are the top 10 most read articles on LawCrossing in 2017:
1. Which State Has the Most Difficult Bar Exam?
The bar exam is daunting, but not all states’ exams have the same level of difficulty. In the most popular post on LawCrossing, the hardest and easiest bar exams are listed as well as the law schools that graduate students with the best and worst bar passage rates.
How difficult is your state’s bar exam?
2. Should I Marry a Lawyer?
Although lawyers are known to have prestigious jobs and high incomes, being married to one can be challenging. With the perks come high-stress and long work hours, and lawyers tend to have type-A personalities that could put a strain on relationships.
Could you get intimately involved with a lawyer?
3. These Famous People Didn’t Let Failing the Bar Get Them Down
Some states’ bar exams are notoriously difficult, and even some legal superstars like Hillary Clinton or Mayor Ed Koch have had trouble passing their first time around.
Do you know of any celebrities or famous people that have had trouble passing the bar exam?
4. The Case of the Drunken Attorneys
One in three attorneys have problems with alcohol, and the cause of this is likely due to the profession’s high stress. This article examines why attorneys end up with drinking problems and how you can spot these problems before it’s too late.
Do you know of an attorney with a drinking or substance abuse problem?
5. Law School: The Most Depressing Three Years of Your Life
Law school may be one of the only educational experiences where you’re expected to get depressed and stressed. This fifth mostly-read article examines what causes depression and how students can prevent suffering from a case of the blues.
Tell us your experience with law school? Was it easy? Was it stressful?
6. 10 Out of the Box Questions to Ask Your Law Firm Interviewer
During an interview, the hiring manager is always going to ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” And you better bet you need a few. This handy guide lists 10 unique questions you can ask that will impress the person on the other side of the table.
What questions do you ask hiring managers during law firm interviews?
7. 38 Tips of Advice for Summer Associates (And Summer Law Clerks) That No One Ever Gives You: How to Be a Good Summer Associate and Not Get in Trouble
Landing a summer associate job can lead to being hired at a law firm before you’ve even earned a J.D. So making a good impression is important. From not smiling too much to being differential without sucking up, these 38 tips are a must-read for law students.
What was your summer associate job like? Were you, or did you expect to be hired by the firm for which you were a summer associate?
8. 8 Tips to Improve Your Legal Writing
All lawyers must be good writers to be good lawyers. To improve your legal writing, experts have shared 8 things to do to achieve your goal.
Have you found a need to improve your legal writing since you’ve become a lawyer?
9. 7 Facets That Make Up the Personality of a Lawyer
In order to succeed as a lawyer, you’ll need to be an aggressive and argumentative person. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing and this article proves why.
What is your legal personality? Are you aggressive both in and out of a law firm? Have you allowed your legal personality to expand into other facets of your life?
10. Lawyers Are Turning to Entrepreneurship for New Opportunities
Lawyers interested in branching out can use their skills to form their own businesses. With more and more attorneys using their skills to become entrepreneurs, is this the right move for you?
Since becoming a lawyer, what entrepreneurial activities have you wanted to embark on?
See the following articles for more information.
Share Your Thoughts
  • What concerns you the most about finding a legal job in 2018?
  • How can these articles help you find a good legal job in the upcoming year?
  • What advances are you making to your job search to stay up with current times?
What was your favorite legal job search article of 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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