What to Do about Holiday Bonuses

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What to do About Holiday Bonuses

We are quickly entering into the holiday season. With that, our employees will expect some sort of holiday bonus. Use the following articles to help you decide what you should do about your employees and their Christmas bonuses.
5 Things to Keep in Mind about Holiday Bonuses

This article provides an overview of how you should handle holiday bonuses with your employees.
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The Best and Worst Holiday Bonuses

Difficult as it is to believe, there are “bad” holiday bonuses, as well as “best.” Use this article to find out what the worst and the best are of holiday bonuses.
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Why I'm a Scrooge about Christmas Bonuses

See why the entrepreneur of this company rues the idea of a Christmas bonus for his employees.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Bonuses

Not every holiday bonus is a good holiday bonus. Find out why in this article.
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 Holiday Bonuses and Inappropriate Office Gifts

Can there be inappropriate holiday office gifts? Yes. Find out what those inappropriate gifts are.
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The Psychology of the Christmas Bonus

There is a certain psychology involved with holiday bonuses. Find out how you could be psyching out or psyching up your employees with the holiday bonuses you give them.
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What to Give Your Employees for Christmas If You Can’t Afford a Bonus

Some companies can’t afford holiday bonuses for their employees. This article provides ideas about what you can do in lieu of cash bonuses and/or spending money you don’t have on hand for your employees’ holiday bonus.
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Traditional Cash Bonuses Don't Really Work -- Try One of These 5 Instead

Sometimes cash is not exactly king, especially during the holidays. Check out this article for alternatives you can use to provide a thoughtful holiday gift your employees will appreciate.
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Law Firms Set to Make It Snow with Bigger Holiday Bonuses

Law firms can retain current associates and even attract new clients via the holiday bonus they give their associates and partners. Makes sense, doesn’t it? For some law firms, the answer is yes.
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Navigating Holiday Bonuses at a Small Law Firm

This article cites the fact that law firms have to be consistent with their year-end bonuses.
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This Law Firm's Bonuses Exceed the Cravath Standard

Did you know there is an actual standard that law firms follow to help them decide who does and does not get a bonus at year’s end? Keep reading to find out what that standard is.
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Variable Pay Plans Are Pushing Aside Holiday Bonuses

Some law firms have adopted variable pay plans which tie payouts to meeting individual and organizational goals, usually paid in the first quarter of the new year. Is this process right for your firm?
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