MoneyLaw Looks at the Unfair Academic World

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Summary: As a member of the Jurisdynamics network, MoneyLaw attempts to initiate a change in unfair parts of the legal academic world.
Lead blogger Jim Chen of legal blog, “Moneylaw.”
Blog “MoneyLaw” by Jim Chen and others takes a new approach to the legal study of society. The blog subtitled, “The Art of Winning an Unfair Academic Game,” has roughly 14 contributors that strive to develop a higher level of thinking on issues in the legal field.

The other contributors to the blog besides Chen are Tom W. Bell, Douglas A. Berman, Paul Caron, Gil Grantmore, Jeffrey L. Harrison, Sam Kamin, Belle Lettre, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Richard A. Peck, Ronen Perry, Nancy B. Rapoport, Marie T. Reilly, and Theodore P. Seto.
One of the posts is titled, “Weighted-Average Methodologies for Evaluating Bar Examination Passage Rates.” The post discusses the difficulty in measuring the bar exam when most states have their own exam and not a “national” exam that would easily capture rates. Chen proposes using a weighted-average to determine a school’s bar passage z-score.
In a post that is a little off the legal path, Chen discusses Cnidarians, the phylum of invertebrates such as coral, jellyfish, and hydroids. He acknowledges that the post could more easily be on BioLaw, but he includes on this blog because of a New York Times video on the Glaucus atlanticus, a sea slug. The slug feeds of the famous man o’ war jellyfish. He relates the sea slug to how those in the academic world can use their abilities to prevail against the poison of others and even thrive off them.
Source: http://money-law.blogspot.com/
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