Luis Villa Knows His Technology

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Summary: Technology and the law are Luis Villa’s specialties, making his blog a valuable source for copyright, programming, and other tech topics that affect the legal industry.
Luis Villa may not have a creative name for his blog but he lets the words speak for themselves.

Luis Villa may not have a creative name for his blog but he lets the words speak for themselves. He is a lawyer and programmer as well as the Senior Director of Community Engagement at the Wikimedia Foundation. The goal of the blog is to discuss a mixture of technology, law, open source/culture, and his personal life.

Villa attended Columbia Law School where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Science and Technology Law Review. There he was awarded the Carroll Harper Prize for his excellence in IP law scholarship. He has worked at Mozilla, reviewing the Mozilla Public License and at Greenberg Traurig on technology transactions and the Google-Oracle case.
He has served on the board of directors of the Open Source Initiative and is an Invited Expert for the Patents and Standards Interest Group at the World Wide Web Consortium. He is proud of his membership and role in geeky projects and organizations.
As an active member of the technology world and with his background in law, Villa is a great resource to turn to for intellectual property and technology questions and concerns. He has the ability to use his talent with technology to help others become more dependent in their own technology abilities. Generally his posts are his thoughts on a topic that relates to technology, programming, and the law. His most recent posts include topics of free software adaptions, the latest Wikimedia conference, and copyright issues.
Source: http://lu.is/blog/
Photo: meta.wikimedia.org
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