LawCrossing’s Top 20 Attorney and Legal Career Advice Articles of 2016

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Summary: Enjoy the 20 most popular articles on LawCrossing that concern job seekers this year.
Follow the advice in these 20 most popular articles on LawCrossing to better your legal career.

The 20 most popular articles this year on LawCrossing cover a wide range of topics. They range from paralegal cover letters and the life of Steve Young to law school rankings and how tough it is to be an attorney.

  1. 60 Nontraditional Jobs You Can Do With a Law Degree (and Should Strongly Consider Doing)

Spending the time to get a law degree does not require you to be an attorney. You may find that you don’t actually like being an attorney but still want to use your education. Lucky for you there are numerous options out there, so use this article to do a little research into potential careers.
  1. 25 Reasons Most Attorneys Hate the Practice of Law and Go Crazy (and What to Do about It)

The stresses of the job put attorneys in a sensitive place of being somewhere between a little crazy and ready to explode. Attorneys should follow the advice in this article so that they don’t end up going off the deep end.
  1. Pass the Bar in One State, Work in Another

There are some states that will admit you to the bar if you have passed the bar in another state. There are also some practice areas that won’t require you to have passed the bar in that particular state. Do the research before sitting down for an extra bar exam that you may not have to take.
  1. 10 Ways to Bounce Back after Failing the Bar and Pass on Your Next Attempt

There are tons of attorneys that fail the bar the first time or even second time, but still bounce back and become successful, powerful attorneys. There are 10 ways you should react after failing the bar to get back on your feet and pass the next time.
  1. Late Bloomers: Going to Law School Later in Life

Law school isn’t just for young college graduates anymore. More people are returning to law school later in life after deciding they need a change in careers or additional schooling to become more marketable. If you are a late bloomer in your law school education, there may be some challenges that are different than those fresh out of college.
  1. As an American Attorney, How Can I Find a Job Overseas?

This article answers the common question that American attorneys have when looking to go overseas with their career.
  1. The Questions to Expect During a Paralegal Job Interview

Paralegals are just as important to success of a law firm as the attorneys. They can expect much of the same questions as a typical interview, with a few more specific to the job thrown in. This article lists 275 questions that you can use to prepare now for your next paralegal interview.
  1. 2015 LawCrossing Salary Survey of Lawyer Salaries in Best Law Firms

LawCrossing surveyed over 90 top law firms to find out the particulars of their bonuses, salary levels, vacation days, benefits, demands, associate life and more.
  1. Creating an Exceptional Paralegal Cover Letter

Resumes are not enough to get a job. The cover letter is also very important to portraying the needed information about your qualifications and passion for the job. Start with the basics to make sure your paralegal cover letter will assist you and not hinder you in getting a job.
  1. What Law Firms Look for in a Lateral Resume

Errors are not acceptable in a lateral resume. Law firms are also looking for more information, wanting the real details about what an attorney has done in their career. This article goes over what kind of layout your resume should have and what kind of details you should include.
  1. Part 2: Erin Brockovich Losing Ed Masry

This article details an interview with Erin Brockovich regarding the movie and infamous case. Learn what she has to say about everything that happened when she took the Hinkley case and her law partner Ed Masry passed away.
  1. Top 10 Ways to Get Your First Job after Law School

Law students put forth a lot of effort to get into law school and get through it. After all that hard work, make sure you don’t give up on your job search. Here are ten tips that can help you find a job after law school so that you don’t have to put in a ton of effort.
  1. The Virtual Paralegal Allows Paralegals to Work at Home or Offsite

Sole owner attorney businesses may need the extra help from a paralegal but can’t afford a full-time one. Virtual paralegals can fill that void.
  1. Twelve Sexy Things You Can Do with a Law Degree That (1) May Make You Famous and (2) Do Not Require Practicing Law

Little did you know that a law degree can land you a sexy career. In fact, there are 12 different routes you can take with your law degree that may make you famous and do not require practicing law.
  1. The Life and Career of Robert Shapiro, Considered the Lawyer of the Century

Learn about the life of the world’s best-known criminal defense lawyer. His life was a pretty typical one, but taking on the O.J. Simpson case would change that forever.
  1. Top Law Schools Analyzed and Ranked by America’s Top Legal Recruiter Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes explains his ranking of the top law schools based mostly for their effect on getting hired by a law firm. As a legal recruiter, Barnes has developed a keen expertise on which schools do well with law firms.
  1. 2017 U.S. News & World Report Law School Rankings: Highs, Lows and Specialties

Really get to know the law schools and what their complete rankings are before picking your school. Law school is a big commitment that also costs a lot of money, so make sure you choose your school carefully and make the most of it.
  1. The Pros and Cons of Practicing as a Real Estate Attorney

Real estate is an in-demand practice area at the moment. The practice area is growing and works well with a variety of other areas. However, it is not a big money practice area. Learn more about the pros and cons of practicing as a real estate attorney in this article.
  1. Advocacy Jobs: What They Are and How to Get Them

Many people probably do not know what advocacy jobs entail. This article explains them and provides information on how you can get one. Advocacy jobs are available everywhere if you know how to find them.
  1. The Life and Career of Steve Young: Lawyer and Football Player

Steve Young was a football star and an attorney. Learn about how Young earned his law degree while playing the role of backup quarterback to Joe Montana.

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