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Law School Yield Rates May Surprise You

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Summary: The law school a student decides to enroll at does not rely solely on the overall ranking of the law school. Four of the top ten schools with the highest rate of accepted students enrolling are in the bottom fourth of the overall rankings.
Selecting a law school does not just depend on the ranking of the school.

It comes as no surprise that the number one ranked law school by U.S. News & World Report is the same school with the highest yield rate. Yale Law School is frequently listed as the top law school, resulting in a high percentage of students that are offered admission actually enrolling in the school. They are a top pick for many people, whereas a number of other law schools are backup options that students apply to in case they don’t get into their top pick.

Yale produced a 74.3 percent enrollment rate from accepted students in the fall of 2015. The average rate among the 195 law schools that U.S. News ranks only produced a 24.3 percent yield. The rest of the top ten yield law schools may surprise you.
  1. Yale University at 74.3 percent is ranked No. 1 overall.
  2. Brigham Young University has a 68.8 percent yield rate and is only ranked No. 38 in the overall law school rankings.
  3. Harvard University rests at 60.4 percent, but is ranked No. 2 overall in the rankings.
  4. Southern University Law Center has a 51.5 percent yield rate, and is ranked in the bottom fourth of all law schools.
  5. University of Nevada at Las Vegas is at 46.4 percent and ranked No. 78.
  6. Indiana University of Indianapolis has a yield rate of 45.2 percent, but is ranked No. 100 overall.
  7. Liberty University is ranked in the bottom fourth overall, but has a 45.1 percent yield rate.
  8. University of Missouri at Kansas City is ranked No. 123 with a 44.6 percent rate.
  9. University of Arkansas at Little Rock is tied for No. 136 and has a 43.2 percent yield rate.
  10. North Carolina Central University is also ranked in the bottom fourth of ranked schools, but has a 42.1 percent yield rate.
It is worth noting that the law schools with the lowest yield rates are Charleston School of Law at 10 percent and Vanderbilt University at 11 percent.

For a different analysis of top law schools, see this article for more information:
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