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Amicae Curiae Blog Discusses Women in the Law

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Summary: This Australian group of law lecturers from leading universities aims to explore women in the legal industry through a variety of topics.
Amicae Curiae

Amicae Curiae is a blog for the “Girlfriends of the Court.” The blog discusses the role women have in the law, legal education system, as students, as academics, and within the legal profession. There are three main categories on the blog: Balance, Career, and Education.

Balance discusses the blog and the equality aspects. An example of this is in the post titled “After 20 years, do the numbers stack up?” The post examines the report from the Australian Law Reform Commission. The report showed that women make up 50 percent of law school graduates, but only 25 percent of the profession.

Career looks deeper into what women deal with once they are in their legal career. The posts point out that men contend that there are no problems with sexism in the workplace, while women argue that there is very real and very damaging sexism in the workplace. Women are lacking in leadership positions and are often overlooked for promotions.

Education gives tips to women on how to excel within the education system, whether that is through writing scholarly papers or becoming skilled speakers. There is a post titled “Do Clothes Make the (Wo)Man?” that looks at how one dresses and how that reflects on employability and respect.

The authors of the blog include James Farrell, Jeannie Paterson, Melissa Castan, Kristoffer Greaves, Melissa de Zwart, and Kate Galloway. They each have their own description. Amicae1, Opportunity Knocks! Please be upstanding up for the Ladies; James Farrell, New Kid on the Block; Jeannie Paterson, The law and … tights, Distracted; Katgall, The legal profession’s treatment of women lawyers is a barometer of its ethics, In the Legal Profession, the Gender Card comes up Trumps; and Melissa Castan; S|M|I|L|E-ing, It’s more than the vibe, blogging the Constitution.



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