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White & Case LLP

published April 15, 2015

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White & Case LLP
White & Case LLP
1155 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10036

Tel: 212 819 8200 Fax: 212 354 8113

Main areas of work

Antitrust, asset finance, banking, capital markets, commercial litigation, financial restructuring and insolvency, intellectual property, international arbitration, mergers & acquisitions, pro bono, project finance, tax, trade and white collar.

Firm profile

White & Case is a global law firm with longstanding offices in the markets that matter today. Our on-the-ground experience, our cross-border integration and our depth of local, US and English-qualified lawyers help our clients work with confidence in any one market or across many. We guide our clients through difficult issues, bringing our insight and judgment to each situation. Our innovative approaches create original solutions to our clients' most complex domestic and multi jurisdictional deals and disputes. By thinking on behalf of our clients every day, we anticipate what they want, provide what they need and build lasting relationships. We do what it takes to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

Recruitment details

  • Associate salaries: 1st year: $160k/$155k ($160k in LA, NY, SV, DC: $155k in MI)
  • 2nd year: $170k/$160k ($170k in LA, NY, SV, DC and $160k in MI)
  • Clerking policy: Yes

Law Schools attending for OCIs in 2014:

American, Bay Area Diversity, Berkeley, Boston College, Boston University, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Emory, Florida, Florida State, Fordham, George Washington, Georgetown, Harvard, Hastings, Howard, Loyola, Loyola Patent Fair, Miami, Michigan, Mid-Atlantic BLSA, Northeast BLSA, Northwestern, Notre Dame, NYU, Penn, San Francisco IP Job Fair, Santa Clara, Stanford, Toronto, Tulane, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Washington & Lee, Washington University, University of Washington, William & Mary, Yale

Summer details

We look for highly motivated individuals with excellent academic credentials, significant personal achievements and a strong commitment to the practice of law in a global and diverse law firm.

Summer program components:

We pride ourselves on giving summer associates real work for real clients with real deadlines. Our career-long commitment to professional development starts with your summer, and you will have a full curriculum of training programs in addition to getting hands-on experience working side by side with our lawyers. Our assignment system is designed to ensure that you receive a broad range of experience and contact with as many lawyers as possible. In addition to informal discussions, two formal evaluations provide timely and meaningful feedback. Partner and associate mentors provide guidance throughout the summer. The Summer Associate Conference provides an opportunity for our US summers to travel to the NY office in June to meet each other and learn more about the firm, its people and resources.

White & Case LLP New York Office Head office: New York
Number of domestic offices: 5
Number of international offices: 34
Worldwide revenue: $1.44 billion
Partners (US): 172
Associates (US): 411

Main Recruitment Contact: Jane P Stein
Hiring Partners: Matthew J. Kautz and Owen C. Pell
Recruitment website:
Diversity officer: Maja Hazell

Summer Salary 2014
1Ls: $3,077/week in LA, NY, SV, DC, $2,981/week in Ml
2Ls: $2,981-$3,077/week
Post 3Ls: $2,981-$3,077/week

1Ls hired? Yes
Split summers offered? Yes
Can summers spend time in overseas office? Yes

Summers 2014: 57
Offers/acceptances 2013: 56 offers, 53 acceptances

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