Clarks Summit Attorney Charged With Insurance Fraud

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Clarks Summit Attorney Charged With Insurance Fraud
Summary: A Clarks Summit lawyer who lives in Lackawannna County has been indicted on charges of mail fraud. According to federal prosecutors, Susan C. Kevra-Shiner, an insurance attorney issued about 76 unauthorized policies, from Nov 23, 2008 to Dec 2, 2009, misappropriating more than $70,000 in premiums.

Kevra-Shiner has been indicted on seven counts of mail fraud by a federal grand jury, this week, and if convicted, she faces about 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count, besides payment of restitution. Apparently, she continued to issue title insurance policies to her clients even after the Texas insurer she used stopped dealing with her, Citizens Voice reported.

Shiner used to own an Avoca-based abstract and title insurance company. From 2003, she issued title insurance policies on behalf of Stewart Title Guaranty Co. in Texas. According to business arrangements with the Texas-based insurer, her company kept 85 percent of any premium and Stewart Title received only 15 percent.

Stewart terminated the agreement on Sept 23, 2008. However, she continued to issue insurance policies in the name of Stewart. At the time of terminating the agreement, the insurance company gave Shiner two months to wind up things, but did not give any further permission to issue new policies in the name of Stewart Title.

The state disciplinary board for attorneys suspended her law license on Feb. 28, 2013, because she never appeared at board hearings and never responded to charges against her filed by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Pennsylvania reports

The disciplinary board ultimately found that she had collected about $88,000 for 88 invalid policies, and she never gave any money for the policies issued in the name of Stewart Title to that company. In its opinion, the disciplinary board had written, "She defrauded the banks and purchasers of the real estate who believed that she was a bona fide agent of Stewart when they relied on her representations that she was a bona fide agent of Stewart."

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