Texas law firm Munsch Hardt Joins Force with Harrison Bettis McFarland

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Texas law firm Munsch Hardt Joins Force with Harrison Bettis McFarland
Summary: Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr PC announced this week that the law firm has joined forces with Harrison Bettis McFarland LLP in Houston effective Nov. 1, 2014. The combination would take the current headcount in Munsch Hardt to 125 attorneys across Dallas, Houston and Austin.

Texas mid-size law firm Munsch Hardt Kof & Harr is adding significantly to its capabilities at a go by joining forces with Harrison Bettis McFarland. Eight Harrison Bettis business litigation attorneys will join Munsch Hardt's Houston office. The merger fuels the mid-size law firm's growth aspirations following its strategic plans.

"Munsch Hardt is committed to growing and maintaining its presence in Texas and providing top legal services to its  clients worldwide. The Harrison Bettis group shares that same vision," said Phil C. Appenzeller, Jr., chief executive officer of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr. "Both firms are committed to providing sophisticated, cost-effective legal services focused on our clients' needs."

 Munsch Hardt offers a full-service, commercial legal platform, with practice areas that include admiralty and maritime, business litigation, corporate, energy, environmental, finance, health care, immigration, labor and employment, real estate, restructuring, and more.

With the Harrison Bettis litigators on board, Munsch Hardt will bolster its business litigation and products liability practices with greater depth in industries such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, transportation, waste management, medical device and insurance coverage.

 For Harrison Bettis, the move will enable them to provide clients with sophisticated legal counsel on virtually every issue they face.

 "In considering our own growth strategy, we have focused on looking for a partner who could offer our clients the expanded platform and legal capabilities they desired," stated D. Mitchell McFarland, managing partner of Harrison Bettis McFarland. "We are fortunate to have found a solid partner in Munsch Hardt."

 All eight Harrison Bettis attorneys, James M. Bettis, Jr., Mark Deaton, Clifford L. Harrison, D. Mitchell McFarland, Paul D. Sculley, Carrie Schadle, Stephan Selinidis and B. Lee Wertz, Jr., will join Munsch Hardt, effective Nov. 1. They will be based in Munsch Hardt's Houston office in historic Pennzoil Place, where the firm relocated earlier this year.

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