Former Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion

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Former Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Robert Mulgrew was sentenced this week to 2 ½ years in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion charges. He also admitted last year to his involvement in a scheme to grab tens of thousands of state grant dollars meant for improvement of a park.

Mulgrew had been at the receiving end of several legal actions and last month he narrowly escaped conviction in a ticket-fixing conspiracy. A federal jury had acquitted Mulgrew and four of his former colleagues of mail and wire fraud charges, but they found him guilty of lying to a grand jury about granting favors to friends, relatives and political allies when it came to traffic tickets.

The present case was about the scheme to skim state grant dollars meant for neighborhood improvement reported

U.S. District Judge C. Darnell Jones II commented upon Mulgrew's work in reversing the early-90's decline of the Pennsport neighborhood and found it ironic that Mulgrew was headed to jail for stealing from the same people he helped to grow. Jones said, "The same people he was benefiting then were some of the very same people whose public money he accessed and misappropriated."

Mulgrew's wife had also been charged in the case, but he struck a deal to plead guilty if all charges against his wife were dropped.

During his sentencing, Mulgrew apologized to the court and to his neighborhood and family for his behavior. Reading out a statement, he said, "I'm very remorseful for my actions … I am sorry for these mistakes, and they will never happen again."

In addition to prison time, Mulgrew will have to pay the IRS an additional $123,000 in back taxes and fines, and will have to repay about $200,000 to the state.

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