Paralegals, which do you enjoy more: working at a law firm or going to law school? Why?

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We asked Heather Grabowy, a paralegal manager at Reminger Co., LPA Co., LPA, which she enjoyed more: working at a law firm or going to law school? Below is her interesting response.

As a paralegal, I prefer working in a law firm setting. I have been with Reminger for 24 years, and have been very happy with my career. I like the variety of the cases we handle and the opportunities to work in different areas of law. We take ownership of our cases and enjoy seeing a case to its conclusion. We work independently, as well as collaboratively in a team. Reminger's environment is professional, and although we've grown substantially over the years, the firm still feels like a family to me.

-Heather Grabowy
Paralegal Manager
Reminger Co., LPA, is a full service firm based out of Cleveland, Ohio, with 11 offices in total located throughout the Midwest.

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