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What is an Average Day Like for a Paralegal?

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What is an Average Day Like for a Paralegal?
We asked two paralegals in the U.S. what an average day is like for a paralegal? They both descried what they routinely accomplished at the law firms they work for. Their insight should give people in the legal industry an idea of how valuable a paralegal is. We hope you enjoy their responses.

I have been a paralegal for 10 years in California, almost all of it in the Probate/Estate Planning specialty. I think you'll find a variety of answers to the average day for a paralegal as the field of specialty and size of the firm will greatly determine the scope of duties. Smaller firms tend to have fewer paralegals doing more varied work. However, I can describe my average day to give you an idea of what we do.

When I arrive in the morning, like most people I have an idea of the deadlines I have to meet and the projects I want to accomplish. As a probate paralegal in Los Angeles County, I will spend the morning checking Probate Notes on the Court's online system, answering email, checking and responding to voice mails and finalizing any filings to go to the Court. About half of my day is spent on the phone. Because I work in a small boutique firm, I have a large variety of tasks. On an average day we get approximately 3-5 new prospective client calls. It is my duty to interview the prospective client and take extensive notes about their case so the attorneys may determine if it's a case that we can handle or whether we should give a referral to another attorney. I answer questions from clients, relay information to opposing counsel, and talk to Court appointed counsel on many of our matters. Additionally, I spend time talking to banks requesting information on decedent estate or conservatorship accounts, real estate agents and escrow agents regarding sales of real property in our cases, and calls to research information necessary for our cases.

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