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Pa. Deputy Atty. General Adrian King Rejoins Ballard Spahr

published June 06, 2014

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Law firm Ballard Spahr announced on Thursday that Adrian R. King, Jr., the First Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania will be rejoining the law firm as a partner in the Business and Finance Department.

King specializes on business and corporate law, regulatory affairs, government contracting, government relations and gaming law. He identifies opportunities for clients in the sphere of interaction between business and government and represents clients before federal, state, and local administrative and executive agencies.

Speaking on Adrian King rejoining Ballard Spahr, Mark Stewart, the law firm’s Chair said, “Adrian is a dedicated public servant and an outstanding lawyer. We are pleased to welcome him back to the firm.”

King was a partner in Ballard Spahr for more than seven years before he left to join the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General last year. He has held a number of key positions in the Pennsylvania government including that of the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor and Director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency on the Governor’s cabinet. King also served as Governor Rendell’s liaison to the Departments of Banking and State, as well as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Stewart further said, “During his time in Harrisburg, Adrian was involved in high-profile issues such as helping the Commonwealth recoup $120 million in contested tobacco settlement money. He returns to Ballard with an even greater understanding of state government, something this firm and clients deeply appreciate.”

Former Governor Rendell has also returned to Ballard Spahr, along with his chief of staff John Estey after completing their tenures in public services. King is a brother-in-law of Estey and for him it’s more like returning to a family rather than rejoining a law firm.

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