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Edwards Wildman Launches Public Policy Consulting and Government Relations Group

Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP announced this week the launch of a wholly owned subsidiary that focuses on government relations and public policy. The separate group is named Edwards Wildman Public Policy Group LLC, and will be led by Robert "Emmet" Hayes, Robert R. Ruddock, Daniel F. Cahill, and Louis A. Rizoli. The leadership of the new group will be resident in the Washington D.C. and Boston offices of the firm, and will supplement the law firm's existing government relations and public policy practice. The group leaders are leaving Boston-based government relations firm, Smith, Ruddock & Hayes to join Edwards Wildman.

Speaking on the event, Alan J. Levin, chairperson of Edwards Wildman said, "The creation of the Edwards Wildman Public Policy Group expands our firm's capabilities throughout New England and in our nation's capital." About the new team, he said, "We are thrilled that this team, with their impressive track record of success, will be joining Edwards Wildman to advise clients on proposed and existing federal, state, and local legislation and regulations."

Hayes, who has more than 25 years of experience in assisting in the strategic planning of public and private businesses in business development, community relations and constituency building, will serve as president of the new group. While serving as a state legislator, Hayes authored the landmark legislation that created Massachusetts' $6 billion revolving loan fund for helping cities and towns finance clean water projects.

As the chair of the Baird Maguire Superfund Advisory Committee, Hayes succeeded in negotiating a solution for one of the most hazardous waste sites in the nation and received the US Environmental Protection Agency Regional Merit Award for his work. He was also awarded the Legislator of the Year award by both the Massachusetts Municipal Association and the Massachusetts Utility Contractors.

Ruddock, who has more than three decades of experience in advising on matters of public policy will be serving as the senior vice president of the group. He has the experience of working both as an attorney ad as a government relations professional. Before joining law practice he worked for 18 years at the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the largest business advocacy organization in the state.

Cahill, who is an attorney and legislative agent, will be the vice president of the group. He has formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Essex County and as a legislative aide in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He is currently in his fourth term as an elected City Councilor At-Large in the City of Lynn and the current president of the City Council.

Rizoli holds the current record of being the longest serving counsel in the history of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and has worked from 1986 to 2009 under five different Speakers. Rizoli will also be a vice president of the new public policy group of Edwards Wildman.

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This news originally appeared on Edwards Wildman Launches Public Policy Consulting and Government Relations Group

Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP


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