Do You Want to Live Forever?

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Do you sometimes wonder if practicing law was truly the greatest choice for you? As you likely know by now, working in the legal field can not only be stressful on your mind, but it is also stressful to your body as well. Practicing law takes a lot of dedication and is very demanding on a person. With the high demands of legal work, it can make it seem practically impossible to be able to get out and enjoy other aspects of life. Even attorneys need to find a way to live long and fulfilling lives.

Wouldn't, it be wonderful if you could just slip away and sail around the world, or kick off your shoes and live on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean sipping fruity drinks and working on your tan day after day? Sure, it would! Yet, reality will remind you that you now have student loans to finish paying off, and most likely, a family who would not be able to survive while you were out living the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. House and car payments and the demands of the world will bring you out of your daydream of beaches and sailing rather quickly.

Now that we have established that running away isn't the answer, you're going to have to sit down and see just what can be done to help break up the mundane and boring days at work, and help you balance your work with your private life. As we know, we can't add hours to days. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that? It would be great. Outstanding actually. Adding hours to days, and days to years and years to our very lives. That would be akin to living forever. What a wonderful thought that is.

Is living forever even possible? According to author Ray Kurzwell in his book "Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever" the future revolution of the biomedical world just may make forever a possibility. According to the book, Kurtzwell explains that due to the fact that medical technology is growing as rapidly as it has been in recent years, by the year 2030 we will have the advancements in technology that will be able to prevent and even cure practically every disease known to man. Kurzwell says that this will happen with the introduction of tiny little nanobots that will be able to go through our bodies and repair and heal a number of diseases and other sicknesses. Now that sounds pretty amazing!

Kurzwell has some advice on ways you can work on your body to help control things such as diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses and how you can begin working now to prevent these diseases and begin to prolong your life. As most of us know already, you have to eat well-balanced meals and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. He also suggests avoiding certain vitamins, such as vitamin E. His book Fantastic Voyage takes you on a journey to prolonging life. You'll also begin a new life filled with paranoia over any and every thing that you may come into contact with on a daily basis! According to Kurzwell, most foods are no good, so you will have to start taking close to 200 vitamin supplements per day in order to replace the foods which you normally eat.

That sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? Let's see some easier solutions and things you can do that will benefit both mind and body. There has been research done on telemores. Telemores are basically the tips, or caps, which protect the ends of your chromosomes and help keep your body's DNA from tearing apart. Telemores help your DNA stay together and they help prevent a type of fraying which can lead to illnesses such as cancer. When telemores stay together and stay strong, they are believed to be able to increase your lifespan.

To assist your telemores in staying strong, you can do things such as not smoke. If you already smoke, then to help prevent things such as lung cancer, COPD, or other illnesses, and to help telemores, you need to quit smoking. Disease caused by smoking can decrease your telemore longevity. Another way to increase longevity would be to cut out, or at least cut down on meats in your diet. Eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits is critical to ensuring that your telemores not only remain firm, but that they also increase in length.

Making sure that you get plenty of exercise is also the key to longevity and telemore strength. Yoga is an especially excellent choice of exercise to help increase longevity. While exercising, being able to meditate is also essential for helping prepare your body for a longer life. While we all know that truly living forever is not possible, being able to keep your body healthy and in shape will go a long way toward ensuring that you are able to enjoy a longer and healthier life. When it comes time to retire from your legal position, you will want to be able to enjoy the later years. Working hard now, not only in the office, but also on your mind and body, will help prepare you for the years to come.

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