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Law Resources
Professional Overview

Heidi Gottberg is the Branch Manager for the Chicago office of Law Resources, a leading legal placement firm. The firm also has an office in Washington, D.C.

During the past two decades, more than four hundred corporate legal departments and law firms have turned to Law Resources when they seek experienced and qualified legal and support staff, whether for long-term, short-term, temp-to-perm or permanent hire. The firm specializes in placing attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and legal secretaries. Their unrivaled reputation and diverse client base gives them access to the most rewarding and highest paying permanent and temporary positions in corporations and law firms. Since 1984, Law Resources has placed more than eight thousand motivated and qualified individuals in the legal industry.

Ms. Gottberg specializes in placing contract attorneys on site at client firms and corporate legal departments in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and throughout the country. She also places paralegals and other legal professionals in temporary and full time positions.

Prior to becoming Branch Manager with Law Resources in 2005, Ms. Gottberg served as a litigation paralegal for nine years, which included six years at Clausen Miller in Chicago. She then served as a legal recruiter for nine years with Staff Wise Legal. Working as a legal staffing specialist for eighteen years with two legal staffing agencies has allowed Ms. Gottberg to develop strong relationships with both her candidates and clients.

She was born and raised in Mishawaka, IN. Ms. Gottberg attended Penn High School and she received her B.A. in Public and Environmental Affairs from Indiana University. She also earned her Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University. When she isn't working, Ms. Gottberg enjoys the Chicago Bulls, Chelsea football, jewelry making, and traveling.

Ms. Gottberg's Successful Career Path and Tips for Legal Recruiters

Does Ms. Gottberg have a top memory from school? "I really found the courses I took in Criminal Justice and Abnormal Psychology fascinating. One of my professors hypnotized our class of over 200 students at one time."

What does it take to become a successful legal recruiter? "It takes an outgoing personality, you must like people, and you should genuinely want to see them succeed and know how to match the candidate to the employer's culture and expectations. You cannot be insecure or shy. You have to have the ability to listen and to read between the lines. You also have to offer unsolicited advice on their professionalism, appearance, attitude, etc."

What motivated Ms. Gottberg to work as a recruiter? "I wanted a more social oriented career. It was a natural transition from being a paralegal to becoming a legal recruiter. I knew what expectations law firms had for various different types of positions within a law firm environment. I knew the type of personalities you had to deal with as a paralegal. I also knew the pecking order."

Why did she enter the industry? "It was a natural transition from being a paralegal."

What advice would Ms. Gottberg give to someone who's brand-new to her position? "Take your time with getting to know a candidate. Just because someone looks great on a resume does not mean that they are a great candidate for your client."

What is she known for professionally? "My clients have told me that I am responsive and that I provide high quality people to their projects. I can be counted on in a pinch to come through. I am reliable and trustworthy. I get the job done."

What does Ms. Gottberg look for to find the right fit? "In addition to the right type of experience, I look for candidates that have a solid work ethic. They have to be dependable and be team players. I look for a stable work history."

In regards to what makes a great candidate, she stated, "A great candidate has the whole package. They have the skills required for the job, the tenacity to learn what they do not know, and are great communicators. They are also dependable team players and have a steady work history."

Does Ms. Gottberg have a recipe for a perfect match? "I look for reasonable expectations from both sides."

When asked about her strengths as a recruiter, she claimed, "My strength is that I am pretty good at reading people and going with my gut. If I interview a candidate and get a really good feeling about them I will immediately pick up the phone and start making calls to find them an employment opportunity."

How does the business woman process fear? "I talk myself through it."

How does Ms. Gottberg tackle obstacles? "I go around them."

Where does she see the legal recruiting field in the next five years? "I believe that employers will be more prudent in filling open positions. I believe that more positions will be filled with temporary or temp to hire employees. Candidates will need to be proficient in legal technology."

What motivates her to be a legal recruiter every day? "I am motivated by filling an order with the best candidate(s) that I have."

Does Ms. Gottberg learn something of value from her mistakes? "Yes."

Where does she derive her confidence? "From a strong German stock. My parents came here after the war. They had to learn English. Both of my parents worked very hard to achieve the American dream. They instilled a strong work ethic in their children."

Professional Associations, Admiring Non-Profit Organizations, Coping Obstacles, Number One Priority and a Rewarding Position

Is Ms. Gottberg a part of any professional associations? "I am a part of the IPMA, IPA and CALSM."

Does she admire any non-profit organizations? "Yes. I admire what Illinois Legal Aid Online is doing for low income residents of Illinois."

Has Ms. Gottberg been faced with any obstacles in her life? How did she get through the obstacle? "Yes. The recession was a major obstacle. I got through it by being patient and optimistic."

What is her number one priority outside of work? "Not to take work home with me and to have a life outside of work."

Does Ms. Gottberg find her work rewarding? "Yes. Helping someone advance professionally and financially is rewarding. I like that I get to meet all types of people. I enjoy the social aspect of my occupation."

What to Expect When Working with Ms. Gottberg

One client noted: "Heidi is knowledgeable about the industry and always finds the best positions for her candidates. She knows the market well and she is able to counsel her candidates with honesty and integrity to find the best position based on the skill set and experience of the candidate and the reputation of the employer."

Another client acknowledged: "Heidi is a very determined and reliable expert of the legal field. Her understanding of law firm structure as well as demands of the legal profession is always current. The fact that she has extraordinary insight combined with excellent communication skills means that she is one heck of a recruiter."

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