Dallas Lawyer Shot Dead by Police Was High on Cocaine and Other Drugs

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The autopsy report of a prominent Dallas Civil lawyer, killed in a shootout with police earlier this year, shows he had a near-lethal quantity of cocaine and other drugs in his system when the shootout happened. Michael Edward Schmidt, 47, made a building employee raise a fake burglar alarm in January this year at his Uptown high-rise condo building. When police arrived, he opened fire on the officers. Officers tried to negotiate, but he continued shooting, and police returned fire, killing him. Schmidt's 11-year-old daughter was hiding in a nearby hallway when he was shot dead.

The autopsy report now shows that Schmidt had mixed cocaine with hydrocodone, aplprazolam, and phenazepam, a Russian drug similar to Valium. His blood test was negative for alcohol, but there was cocaethylene in his system suggesting earlier drinking sessions.

Earlier in the investigation, police had reported that they found 54 hydrocodone pills in a plastic bag in his apartment and also found drug paraphernalia and a white powdery substance.

The legal community was shocked at the incident as Schmidt was a successful lawyer and had no known history of drug abuse or alcoholism. He had also recently, less than a year before his death, won a big $10.5 million verdict for one of his clients. The only untoward incident in his life seems to have been the recent divorce of the father of four children with his wife and childhood sweetheart.

Neither his father, who was close to him, nor other members of the legal community had any inkling that he had any issues with substance abuse. Schmidt had grown up in Highland Park and studied law at Oklahoma City University's law school. The legal community is baffled, because he always seemed to be in control of situations.

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