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Frank Louis Calabrese, Self-employed Attorney

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Frank Louis Calabrese, Self-employed Attorney" alt="" src="" /> I am a self-employed attorney. I wish I was working in house and with a steady paycheck. I spent 26 1/2 years with the Internal Revenue Service in Los Angeles and Chicago as a Revenue Officer, Revenue Agent and Special Agent. I was also a practicing attorney for 20 years.

I had a pro bono practice upon graduating law school age 41, my 6th and last academic degree. I represented 50 clients in 5 years. I was single and idealistic. I wanted to make the world a better place. I did not care about money. I lived at home during my 40's continuing to pursue my career goals, legal goals, academic, artistic and athletic goals. I was achieving success in my career, law practice, performing in plays, commercials, photo work (since I was a kid).

I was also training and teaching Tae Kwon Do and working out at the health club, weights and running. During the 4 1/2 years of law school and the bar exam and the 5 years I had a pro bono practice I did not work overtime as a Special Agent. Overtime pays $25,000 to $40,000.00 a year. I now regret not working overtime. I married at age 50 for the first time to a girl 18 years younger than me and had a daughter.

I now realize how important money is, there is such a thing as a mortgage, real estate taxes, hospital bills, dental bills, private school tuition, and dance classes. I finally gave up my pro bono practice when my superiors were going to fire me because I was the only Special Agent in the nation not working overtime.

I'm glad I listened to them, because within 6 months I had enough money to make a down payment on a townhouse. I continued to represent clients after I gave up my pro bono practice. I would charge clients $50 an hour when other attorneys were charging clients $250.00 per hour. When I retired in November 2008 at age 57 from the Internal Revenue Service (mandatory Law Enforcement retirement) I was expecting a busy practice. I did not acquire new clients from November 2008 until January 2013 despite over $5,000.00 in advertising.

I had only one client a commercial real estate developer from California. He paid me $24,000.00 a year. He drove me nuts. It came out to $25-$35 and hour. During this time I have submitted over 2,600 resumes. I had 5 interviews with salaries ranging from $125,000 to $217,000. At each interview I was told I had an incredible background, but because my last name is Calabrese, which is associated with the organized crime family "Calabrese" I could not be hired because of the problems it would bring to the firm.

In January of 2013 I finally started receiving calls from clients, which is when Frank Calabrese the head of the organized crime family with the name Calabrese passed away in Federal prison. This year I have grossed $40,355.00 as of December 4, 2013. I charge only $175.00 an hour and work out of my house. I charge half of what the other lawyers charge in my area.

I do not enjoy chasing clients for money or receiving dishonored checks, which is why I want a position with a firm and a steady paycheck. I am a Type AA, compulsive obsessive worker, not a social person. I want a position with a steady income.

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