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Foreclosure King David J. Stern Disbarred by Florida Supreme Court

published January 15, 2014

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The flamboyant Florida attorney once called the King of Foreclosures, David J. Stern, who had as many as 100,000 foreclosure cases and grossed $260 million in 2009 has finally been disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court. Stern was disbarred for allegedly failing to supervise employees accused of improperly processing thousands of foreclosures for lenders.

The Broward County lawyer has also been ordered to pay $49,125 in costs to the Florida Bar. Stern has been accused of making millions off his foreclosure mill and he closed down his Plantation office after the 'Robo-signing' scandal that caused some banks to halt foreclosure proceedings temporarily in 2010.

The Palm Beach County judge, who refereed Stern's case and recommended disbarment, criticized Stern for failing to show any remorse for the actions of his firm. Nancy Perez, the judge said Stern is to be blamed for the work done by his firm and further observed, "The incidents were not isolated, but rather a representation of the culture of the firm, as to the low level of competence and ethics … It was his firm. Mr. Stern is responsible."

At its peak, Stern's firm was one of the biggest foreclosure operations and it was hired by the government-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Stern's clients included many of the nation's largest banks. His firm had appointed thousands of lawyers and paralegals to deal with the foreclosure cases that kept piling up.

While Stern continued to live his life with flamboyance. During the same year that his law firm collapsed, he put $20 million into new properties and bought an $18 million yacht.

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