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Pepper Hamilton Launches Office in Silicon Valley

Pepper Hamilton LLP has strengthened its position in California by launching a new office in Silicon Valley. The firm says that the move, into the center of the hi-technology industry and home to a city that produces seven out of top ten patents, marks "the beginning of its expansion into Northern California." The Silicon Valley office will complement the other two existing Pepper Hamilton offices in California, located in Orange County and Los Angeles, and provide the Intellectual Property Department of the law firm with a greater foothold where it matters.

Louis J. Freeh, Executive Committee Chairman of Pepper, informed that the opening of the Silicon Valley office served two strategic goals of the firm. First, that of expanding the firms national footprint in IP, and second - underscoring the full range of the firm's offerings in California including IP, health care and financial services.

Three partners from Paul J. Kennedy and Goutam Patnaik. Kennedy is based in Philadelphia, while Patnaik is based in Washington D.C.

Bishop, who specializes in complex patent litigation, will be joining as Partner in the IP Department along with Chan, who is also joining as Partner. While Bishop focuses primarily on trade secret, trademark, technology licensing and similar litigation matters and disputes, Chan focuses primarily on intellectual property matters involving biotechnology, chemical technology and information technology fields.

Speaking on the launch of the new office in Silicon Valley, the Chief Executive Officer of Pepper Scott Green said, "While Pepper Hamilton has long had a presence in Southern California, the northern part of the state is strategically important as it is where many of our clients are based."

Vincent V. Carissimi, Co-chair of the firm's Intellectual Property Department, said that patent litigation was on the rise and Northern California was extremely important as a patent litigation jurisdiction. Speaking on the hiring of the new partners, he said, "To have such well-known, high-quality lawyers make our presence known in Silicon Valley is tremendous for the firm and for our clients."

Pepper Hamilton LLP

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