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Q & A with Brittany O’Shea, 3L at Charlotte School of Law

published August 22, 2013

By Andrew Ostler
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Q & A with Brittany O’Shea, 3L at Charlotte School of Law
Brittany O'Shea, who is currently attending Charlotte School of Law, shared her thoughts about her law school experience with us. She expects to graduate December 2013, and is currently participating in an internship with Sodoma Law, which is a law firm based in Charlotte, NC, that is focused on Family Law. Here are her thoughts on many different aspects of law school. We hope you find these thoughts as helpful as we did. Feel free to share your own law school experience in the comments below the article.

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Why did you decide to go to law school?

With encouragement from my family, I attended Flagler College with a major of Psychology and a minor in Pre Law and Criminology. That experience allowed me the opportunity to intern with a Guardian ad litem (GAL). During my time as a GAL, I realized the full, positive impact I could have on the lives of others by pursuing a career in law.

How has your law school experience been so far?

My experience at Charlotte School of Law thus far has been challenging, invigorating, eye-opening and rewarding. The more I grow as a person through my study of law the more I realize that this is the career I was meant to have. Through my internship at Sodoma Law, a family law firm , I have had the opportunity to apply all I have learned to date in law school. Interning at Sodoma Law has enhanced my law school experience in that they have exposed me to the practical, professional side of the legal profession.

What advice would you give people considering law school?

Knowing the expense of law school, I would recommend to anyone considering attending to be firmly dedicated to achieving their goals. Expect highs and lows. Be willing to accept criticism. Take any criticism as constructive and build upon it. The entire process is a learning experience that can be positive with the right outlook and support system.

What are some of the worst aspects of law school?

The worst aspect of law school is that much of what you learn is book and classroom based. A tremendous amount of time is devoted to reading and therefore allowing very little time to gain valuable practical experience. I feel extremely fortunate to have been chosen to do an internship at Sodoma Law. They have afforded me true exposure to the field of law that I felt I was missing sitting in a classroom.

What are some of the best aspects of law school?

Law school has exposed me to some of the best law professionals in the area. At the same time, I have developed lifelong friendships with law school peers. Law school, like any higher education institution, is extremely competitive and if you make a friend you know that he or she is a friend for the long haul!

Did you have a mentor in law school? If so, how did this person influence you?

I feel very fortunate to have found mentors while attending law school. Being chosen for an internship at Sodoma Law has provided me with an invaluable experience. Nicole Sodoma has given me wonderful guidance and knowledge of the legal process. She has shown me the importance of dedication and hard work while balancing the needs of family. This summer, I have had the opportunity to also work closely with Nadia Margherio, an attorney at Sodoma Law. Nadia has shared the importance of client communications and the courtroom experience.

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What advice would you give to current 1L or 2Ls about how to make the most of their remaining years of law school?

My suggestion would be to pursue an internship in the area of law in which you feel you would like to practice in the future. Utilize the internship to learn, question and grow in the field you choose to pursue. An internship is a valuable tool in deciding not only what type of law you would like to pursue but also what type of firm you would like to be a part of.

What are your plans after law school?

My plan after law school is to pass the bar on the first attempt! I will ultimately be pursuing a career in family law, a facet of law I have always felt connected to since my first experience as a Guardian ad litem. I feel fortunate to have been offered a position, upon graduation, at Sodoma Law which I gladly accepted.

Has the current legal market affected your approach to law school?

I feel the current legal market has affected my approach to law school. I knew going into law school that I wanted to help others. That feeling has never wavered. I have realized though that the importance of networking and interning are even greater in the current legal market.

What are your current goals and ambitions?

To always feel fulfilled by my career and to enjoy what I do. Sodoma Law has taught me that a law firm can be like a family. My goal is to continue to build on their philosophy of team work and help the Charlotte community through Pro Bono work.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself practicing at Sodoma Law working with great people every day. In my personal life, I see myself married and calling Charlotte my home.

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