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Baker Botts Launches New Office in Brazil

Houston-based Baker Botts LLP, renowned for its energy practice, has launched a new office in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The Brazil office marks the law firm's full-scale entry into Latin America and the establishment of the firm's permanent business presence in the lucrative energy market in the region. This is the law firm's ninth international and fifteenth worldwide office.

The focus of Baker Botts will be to operate as a foreign legal consultancy in Latin America. Brazilian clients will receive the advice and services of resident partners John White and Hannah Longley. The Rio office would also assist foreign companies to enter the market in Brazil. Baker Botts has already established a select network of local lawyers and law firms and will collaborate with them on matters that require input from experts on local Brazilian law.

Expansion into Rio helps Baker Botts to intensify the promotion of its services to clients in Latin America as well as clients in other parts of the world like U.S., UK, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, who seek to have or already own stakes in Brazil or regions that can be serviced from the Brazil office.

Speaking on the occasion, Jamie Baker, the law firm's International Partner in Charge and Chair of its Global Projects Department said, "It is important to note that Baker Botts lawyers have been representing clients in Brazil and throughout Latin America for more than 60 years." He stressed on the fact that the market is not new to the law firm and expressed confidence in the success of the new office. He said that Baker Botts was "very familiar with what it takes to successfully represent clients on complex legal matters throughout the region."

The resident partners at the Brazil office of Baker Botts, John White and Hannah Longley, are very reputed in the region for their excellence. White has wide experience in floating LNG projects and the legalities of the development of the business model. He also holds a winning track record in handling construction, chartering and financing of LNG vessels in addition to offshore assets. Moreover, he possesses exceptional experience in the development and operation of energy projects including LNG, petrochemical projects, oil and gas pipelines, and other infrastructure projects. Likewise, Longley is known for advising upstream oil and gas projects, downstream gas and infrastructure projects and LNG projects. She has been overseeing complex commercial arrangements in the energy sector.

Baker Botts LLP

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