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Mazur Carp & Rubin Combines with Schiff Hardin

Mazur Carp & Rubin, P.C., has combined its law practice with Schiff Hardin LLP . Accordingly, the reputed construction law and trusts and estates practice law firm will now operate under the Schiff Hardin banner. Eleven attorneys in addition to the staff of Mazur Carp have joined Schiff Hardin's New York office taking Schiff Hardin's attorney headcount close to 400 across its seven nationwide offices. The merger became effective from 1 July, 2013.

Commenting on the merger, Ronald S. Safer, Managing Partner of Schiff Hardin says, "Our colleagues from Mazur Carp & Rubin are first-class lawyers and people. Their distinguished practices, combined with Schiff Hardin's nationally recognized Construction Group and Private Clients, Trusts and Estates Group, brings to clients - both in New York and nationwide - extraordinary depth in two of our strongest practice areas."

Mazur Carp & Rubin is known to have built a sterling reputation in the courts, arbitration panels and construction bar in New York. Concurrently, Schiff Hardin's Construction Group has the ability to represent clients with significant capital expansion projects in all major industries, including healthcare, transportation, hospitality, energy and other areas of critical infrastructure. Considering the scenario, Kenneth M. Roberts, Leader of Schiff Hardin's Construction Group, declares that the timing of this combination has been perfect.

Roberts, who facilitated the combination explains that New York City has been the first city to return to major capital expansion projects since the financial crisis, with numerous new major projects in health care, higher education, transportation and infrastructure under way. These critical projects require smart and steady navigation of the law and regulations to be completed on time within budgets. "Our combined practices bring us the bench strength to do this in New York and anywhere else across our national platform," Roberts affirms.

The Construction Group of Schiff Hardin comprises 17 lawyers practicing construction law. This merger is aligned to Schiff Hardin's vision of nationally expanding its construction law practice. The law firm notes that "the highly complementary characteristics" of the merging groups "are key to defining" the realization of its objectives in the practice area.

Speaking about the founder of Mazur Carp & Rubin, Roberts says, "Everyone in the New York construction bar knows that Woody Mazur is the lawyer you want on your project. He and his partners are well known in the key venues and among senior corporate managers for their intellect, leadership, diligence and basic decency. We are proud and excited to have Mazur Carp & Rubin combine with Schiff Hardin."

The merger with Mazur Carp & Rubin has been Schiff's second this year. It first joined with Washington-based 10-lawyer firm Bruder Gentile & Marcoux LLP in January.

Schiff Hardin LLP.

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