LawCrossing Reports Over 200 Active JD Job Openings in the U.S.

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In the midst of recent reports claiming that there is no place in the United States, where new JD's have it 'especially good,' LawCrossing reveals more than 200 active JD jobs that require to be filled.

Just a month back, JD degree holders in the U.S. were still struggling to find jobs. The percentage of JD jobs dropped one per cent compared with a year ago, as per NALP figures, reported last Thursday. But, the scarcity of jobs for the 2012 pass outs is gradually fading in the second half of 2013 with larger law firms stepping up hiring for JD's.

Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer at LawCrossing says, "There is a U-turn being observed with JD jobs rising, as the hiring freeze is being lifted, with larger firms recruiting more than before." He declares that JD degree holders will get better job opportunities in the near future, and the trend will continue into 2014.

The 2012 graduating class was larger than the 2011 one. This fueled with the fact that there were fewer law school-funded jobs, resulted in the overall employment rate for the JD class of 2012 to drop. Resultantly, a large percentage of them remained unemployed until 15 February. About 18 per cent of 2012 graduates from Michigan's law schools were unemployed nine months after graduation, which was seven per cent above the national average, as per the American Bar Association statistics. Likewise, of the 1,079 law graduates produced in the various campuses of Thomas M. Cooley Law School, 264 failed to acquire jobs. The employment information on an additional 9.5 percent of the class was also not available. While 212 of the JD degree holders of the 2012 Detroit Mercy class got employment, 45 are still unemployed. All this has been bad news.

But, presently, the legal job market is looking heartening. According to Marcia Shannon, Assistant Dean for Career Services at Georgetown University Law Center, there has been a 'definite improvement' in the number of people who went into large law firms in 2012 compared to 2011. She says, 'We had a six percent increase in the percentage of graduates getting those jobs.'

The JD jobs scenario is nowhere close to the 2009 benchmark, yet the new-found increase in hiring and rise in median salaries is showing great hope for a strong comeback of the legal industry in the near future, confirms Harrison.

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