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Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Paralegal

published February 18, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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You know you're a talented paralegal, that you're resourceful, reliable and experienced. To be a success as a freelancer, you'll have to find ways to let your future clients know this too. And that means you'll have to sell your paralegal skills. In fact, your talents as a self-marketer are as important to your success as your expertise as a paralegal.
Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Paralegal

Marketing is not a magical art, whose secrets are known only to a select few. It's something you can do well if you're willing to keep at it and if you're willing to be expressive about what you have to offer. The basic key to marketing is to market consistently and to follow up every lead or opportunity. Combined with doing your homework on what you have to offer and on what your clients need, a consistent marketing effort should just about ensure you of success. In this section we'll give you some brief tips on how to set up a marketing campaign, which should be useful as a starting point. We could suggest that you pick up some books on selling techniques and marketing for small businesses. Additionally, talk to some other freelancers to see how they've done it.

To sell your paralegal skills is to show how your product or service meets the needs of your clients. This means you've got to know what your clients need, want and value. These are called "benefits." A benefit is not the specific tasks that you'll perform for your clients; it also includes how those tasks will help the client. Some typical benefits are increased productivity, savings in time, better work quality, convenience and economy. You should recognize that if a prospective client is not using you now, then he or she's having the services you want to provide handled some other way. Can you show the client why he or she should call you, instead, the next time a need arises?

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