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Mark Fishman owns and manages MNF Global, LLC
Mark Fishman owns and manages MNF Global, LLC, a national legal search firm that focuses on the patent, technology, corporate and litigation practice areas. Mark has over 15 years of top law firm and in-house legal experience which provides a valuable resource for candidates and a high comfort level for employers. Mark has made it a top priority of MNF Global to spend the time necessary to determine a candidate's professional goals and then carefully match the candidate with superb career opportunities.

Prior to founding his company, Mark served as an associate attorney for Brittain Sledz Morris and Slovak, a firm that merged back with Schiff Hardin. For eight years, he worked for the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County as a Labor Counsel and Director of Labor Relations. Mark then became of counsel with two law firms. He worked as Director of Legal Recruitment at The Faherty Group before opening MNF Global in 2007.

Mark graduated from Washington and Lee University with a B.A. in Public Policy: Business, Economics and Politics and earned his J.D. from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. While studying at Washington and Lee University, Mark admired the Washington and Lee Honor Code established by General Robert E. Lee.

Mark's Successful Career Path and Tips for Legal Recruiters

Mark was asked what it takes to become a successful legal recruiter. He emphasized four qualities a recruiter must possess in order to be successful in the business: outstanding communication, daily persistence, strong organizational skills and a strong desire to assist others in their career.

Although Mark loved being an attorney, he stated that he wanted to go in a new direction in the legal field, one that offered an ability to assist attorneys in their career. Mark acknowledged that he was motivated to become a legal recruiter because he held a variety of positions as an attorney and knew he could use his experience as a backdrop to help other attorneys find a great legal career. Mark said he was very fortunate to have the owner of the Faherty Group mentor him so he could learn the recruiting business the right way.

The businessman talked about what he is known for professionally. Candidates know Mark to be honest, timely in communication and that he has their best interest at heart.

Mark also talked about his strengths and weakness as a recruiter. He said one of his strengths is to get to the core of why a particular candidate wants to leave their current position so he can assist that individual by finding the right match and getting them to the next level in their career. Mark's strengths also include being persistent. He added, “You have to have a passion to help people.” As for his weakness, the legal recruiter claimed, “In my persistence to help candidates, I don't like to leave any stones unturned, but sometimes it might be best to pause a search and wait for better timing, rather than continue to conduct the search.”

Considering his six years of experience in the legal recruiting industry and fifteen years as an attorney, many readers may want to know where Mark sees the legal field in the next five years. The legal recruiter believes that law firms will continue to become leaner businesses and consolidate. In regards to what law schools will be doing to help prepare students for the legal world, Mark stated, “Law schools will start catering more to the needs of law students looking for alternative legal careers outside of law firm practice.” Mark still believes obtaining a law degree is a worthy goal even if you do not join a law firm because it teaches you how to think and it opens the door for you regardless of where you go in life.

What does Mark look for to find the right fit? The successful recruiter said he wants to find out what truly motivates the candidate and it can't be solely about money.

Changing careers can be difficult so how does Mark suggest candidates process the fear that may arise in the process? The recruiter answered by referencing what Richard Dreyfuss told Bill Murray in What About Bob?, “You have to take baby steps.” Mark explained, “When a fearful situation arises, you don't have to feel like you have to conquer it at once. Take baby steps.”

Obstacles, Goals and Influence

Has Mark faced any obstacles? Mark explained that when he started recruiting, he had a young family and he didn't have a paycheck to bring home every two weeks like he did when he was an attorney. “The most important asset I had was the faith I had in myself and I had to be disciplined every single day. I had to treat each failure as a learning opportunity rather than a sign I was unsuccessful. That's how I became successful.”

Mark has interacted with hundreds of candidates over the years encompassing all practice areas of the law and he discovered that people are all the same in that they want to be happy in their career. He feels privileged that he can assist people in reaching for their dream job and looks forward to helping others in the years to come. Mark aspires to be the go-to legal recruiting firm in the country.

Mark said Napoleon Hill has the most inspiring influence upon him because his writings are based on the belief that you are what you think about.

Mark added, “Anyone can be successful as long as they put their mind on what they want to achieve.”

MNF Global, LLC


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