Elaine Mowcomber’s Affordable Document Preparation Services

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Elaine Mowcomber of Affordable Document Preparation Services
Elaine Mowcomber has been running her own successful paralegal practice, Affordable Document Preparation Services, since 1994. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California. The paralegal has four siblings and enjoys running, swimming, tennis, softball, and riding a bike. Although Elaine loves sports, she believes golf “is too boring.” She stated she really has a “zest for life” and believes in a “well balanced work and play.”

After earning her degree in paralegal studies, Elaine decided to become a legal staff member because she “wanted to be her own boss” and help people by providing great service “at a much lower price than an attorney.” The paralegal is responsible for preparing legal documents for the public and attorneys, and makes sure she files with the appropriate court. Elaine specializes in divorce and bankruptcy.

Elaine's Tips for a Successful Paralegal

When asked what is the best part of your job, Elaine said helping the public with their legal problems was very rewarding. The paralegal's best advice to new and recent legal staff members is to “always be honest and keep your word. Some businesses do not follow this motto: always answer the phone with a good attitude.” Elaine also believes a successful paralegal should remain positive, and “give their customers time over the phone as well as in person.”

Elaine acknowledged she has a knack for “getting work done in an effective and timely matter.” The active woman continued to say her clients respect her for being “very helpful and knowledgeable.” She admitted it would be extremely difficult for her to give up her business. Elaine said, “It would be hard for me to give up working for myself, hands down.” The successful businesswoman stated that the best part about working for herself was that she did not have to answer to anyone else. She “likes to control her own destiny.”

If Elaine was not a paralegal what would she be doing? The businesswoman said she is very happy with what she is doing and “doesn't plan to get another job anytime soon.” Elaine revealed she is motivated by “contributing to society in a positive way” and the “public is happy because she saved the consumer money” with her affordable service.

So what is Elaine's current assessment of the legal market? The paralegal believes it is a saturated market. “There is a lot of competition between attorneys and paralegals, and it is hard for a person to start their own business, but it is great for the consumer, which keeps attorneys and paralegals on their toes.” Elaine added that her industry is a broad field. There is a lot of competition, but there is also a lot of opportunity.

Although Elaine's greatest achievement was starting her own business from scratch and seeing it flourish over the past 18 years, she is also proud of mentoring her friend, Mindi Crowe. She helped Mindi become a paralegal and the two are very close today. Elaine has not been involved in any volunteer activities, but would like to take care of senior citizens. She believes reading and playing games with the elderly would be very beneficial.

Elaine's Activities

When Elaine is not working, the paralegal spends most of her time with family, friends, and loves to be active. The hard working woman usually brings her closest friends together to play a competitive match of water volleyball. Elaine admits she likes to compete with herself and routinely times herself when she commits to her daily sprints. However, the paralegal did advise die hard mountain bikers in the Inland Empire to be cautious of rattle snakes and mountain lions since they are known to attack people in the community from time to time. She said, “Sometimes you compete so hard with yourself you can lose yourself in your surroundings.”

Elaine also enjoys going out to eat. Her favorite food is Sushi and she highly recommends the restaurant ShoGun, a Japanese restaurant located in Corona, California. The paralegal said Japanese food “tastes good and is healthy. It's a good experience” to go to ShoGun with your friends. When Elaine is in the quiet confines of her home, she loves to read. She is currently reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

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