The Different Policies of Various State Bar Associations Regarding the Transfer of MBE Scores from One Jurisdiction to Another

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MBE scores from one jurisdiction to another
One major motivator for students to focus a large portion of exam preparation time on the Multistate Bar Examination is for students to have a standardized test result applicable to multiple state bar admissions. In addition, certain conditions are added by local bar associations which students must satisfy in order to transfer their scores from an MBE taken in one jurisdiction to another bar association.

The following list mentions such conditions according to state bars and has been noted from the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for 2012 released by the ABA and National Conference of Bar Examiners (Remember, you may be able to transfer scores from a state that is unlisted to other states that are listed depending on the specific state rules. For example, you may be able to transfer your MBE scores from California to other states even though California does not accept MBE scores from another jurisdiction.):

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State-wide Differing Conditions for Accepting MBE Scores from Another Jurisdiction

Alabama: If scores are higher than 140, they may be transferred within 20 months from the time of taking the MBE

Arizona: Only allows concurrent MBE examinations and actual scaled score

Arkansas: Scaled score higher than 135 from the immediately preceding MBE

Connecticut: Actual scaled MBE score, considered up to three prior administrations

District of Columbia: MBE scaled score of 133 or more allowed, if the exam has been taken within the preceding 25 months

Idaho: Any scaled score of an MBE taken within the last 37 months; however, a scaled score of more than 140 is recommended

Illinois: Minimum MBE scaled score of 140, allowed to be transferred up to two preceding exams

Indiana: Actual scaled MBE score and only concurrent examinations

Iowa: Actual scaled score received in any one of 4 administrations immediately preceding the deadline of the current Iowa MBE examination

Kansas: Scaled score of minimum 120 achieved in a single sitting can be transferred from a prior exam conducted within 13 months of the current MBE examination

Kentucky: Scaled score of 132 or higher if obtained within 3 years of the date of the current MBE exam

Maine: Any scaled score can be transferred

Maryland: Actual scaled scores from concurrent MBE exams only

Massachusetts: Actual scaled scores, concurrent MBE exams only

Michigan: Actual scaled score received within 3 years of the bar exam provided the jurisdiction from where the score is sought to be transferred also allows reciprocal transfer right to Michigan attorneys seeking admission to that jurisdiction

Minnesota: Scaled score of 145 or higher achieved in a single sitting and within 24 months of the present bar exam, provided the applicant was admitted to the bar of the jurisdiction from where he is seeking to transfer the MBE score

Mississippi: Actual scaled MBE score obtained within 20 months of the current exam date

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Missouri: Entire MBE exam needs to be passed within the same jurisdiction; applicant has no record of failing in a previous Missouri exam; scores were obtained within 19 months of the current exam in Missouri

Montana: Scaled MBE score of 130 or higher and obtained within 3 years from the date of the current Montana bar exam

New Hampshire: Only scores of concurrent MBE exams are allowed to be transferred

New Jersey: Actual scaled score; only concurrent MBE exams

New Mexico: Actual scaled score; only concurrent MBE exams

New York: Only concurrent MBE exams

North Dakota: Actual scaled score of 150 or higher obtained in a single sitting, in a non-UBE state, and within 24 months of the date of the qualifying exam, and the applicant passed the bar exam of that jurisdiction

Oklahoma: Actual scaled scores; concurrent MBE exams only

Rhode Island: Concurrent MBE exams only

South Carolina: Actual scaled scores; only concurrent MBE exams

South Dakota: Scores of 130 or more of MBE taken within 25 months of the next scheduled exam, provided the candidate passed the bar exam of the jurisdiction from where he seeks to transfer

Utah: Only concurrent MBE exams

Vermont: MBE scores of 135 or more from 4 prior administrations

West Virginia: Actual scaled MBE score obtained within 13 months of the current MBE exam; applicant should not have failed in a previous West Virginia bar exam

Wisconsin: Scaled score of 135 or more obtained within 37 months of the present MBE exam with the candidate having succeeded in the entire bar exam

Wyoming: A scaled score of 130 or more obtained within 3 years of the present MBE exam

Northern Mariana Islands: Minimum scaled score of 130 from MBE taken within 3 years of the present MBE exam

Palau: Scaled score of 120 or more obtained within 5 years of the present MBE exam

Virgin Islands: Scaled score of 133 or more from an MBE taken with 5 years of the present exam.

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